Folklore & Old Wives Tales

Folklore and Old Wives Tales include traditional beliefs, customs, stories, songs and sayings. Human nature,  inanimate objects, magick, charms, luck and disease and death. Customs and rites such as marriage, childhood and adult life, festivals, warfare, hunting, farming, and fishing. Old myths, legends, folktales, ballads, songs, proverbs, nursery rhymes and riddles keep folklore passed along in cultures all over the world. Folklore comes from every culture on the planet, current and extinct.

Pagan and Wiccan magick are rooted in folklore. Studies of herbs, divination, tree magick, astrology, animal guides and weather magic. Any magick you look at will be full of old ideas which science is only recently looking at. Just by doing a little research you will find which old wives tales are having a second wind and are already available at a drug store near you. Divination is a belief custom based on folklore, early ideas of science. Every tradition from tarot, dowsing, crystal gazing, scrying to reading the bumps on a head can not be proven to work by science. Still, divination in all its varied forms is a very popular form of magick. Of course, some folklore is truly a fable or superstition. It will be up to your own explorations and common sense to dig deeper and decide which are fable and which are facts.


Portend1. To serve as an omen or a warning of; presage. 2. To indicate by prediction; forecast.
~If an apple bursts in the oven while baking, good news is on the way for the cook.
~Eggs that crack while boiling are a sign that visitors are expected.
~When rice forms a ring around the pot while cooking, the cook will become rich.
~Knocking over the sugar bowl is another sign of money (as sugar used to be expensive) Spilling pepper signifies a coming fight, while spilling salt is a well known sign of trouble. Throw a pinch of salt or pepper over the left shoulder to avoid the hex.
~Accidentally mixing up the salt and sugar in a recipe is a sweet sign, it predicts good news.
~Forgetting to add spice to a recipe while cooking signifies trouble ahead, and you must remedy this by adding the spices as soon as possible before you eat.
~Bubbles in your morning coffee predict money. If they are near the side of the cup you drink from the money will come soon, if on the far side, money will come slowly.
~If you must add a lot of water to boiling food, rain is on the way. If the coffee pot boils over more than often it’s also as sign for rain.
~Crossing knives while setting the dinner table fortells a long journey.
~A piece of bread falling from someone’s hand means a beggar will soon be knocking at your door (a friend that’s low on cash).
~Spilling water on the tablecloth signifies rain is on the way.
~If you drop a glass and it doesn’t break, this is proof you have friends that would go through fire for you.
~Silverware dropped at the table indicates the impending arrival of a visitor – fork represents a man, a spoon a woman.
~If you knock your chair over while getting up from the table, it’s a sign you lied while sitting there.
~A bird flying into your house for no apparent reason, is a sign of good luck and fortune for the owner- not so much for the bird! It may also be a sign of news from a distance.
~Snakes are good luck. One crawling up your doorsteps portends that someone from another country will enter your home. A snake in the garden brings good fortune.
~Wild animal tracks in the snow, completely encircling your house are another sign of good luck.
~Seeing a spider in the house is good luck, killing one brings bad luck.
~A spider or bee entering your home through an open window indicates news is on the way.
~Doors opening themselves signal the arrival of company.
~Cracks in the ceiling indicate bad weather is on the way.
~A falling picture predicts a journey for someone in the family.
~If a broom drops across a doorway, you will soon head off on a journey. (make sure to pick it up quickly and don’t step over it) If it falls anywhere else, unwelcome company is coming.
~Never take your broom with you when you move, always buy a new one or any bad luck you had will follow you.
~When your cupboard doors are left open, people are gossiping about you.

An Omen…is a sign that signals a future event; many Omens are historically based upon ancient superstitions and cultural folklore.

Some omens are indicative of good fortune, while others are symbolic of impending hardship and doom. Bad Luck and Superstitions are mostly Christian based, as history will show some were & still are, very superstitious. Here are some Christian based Superstitions….

Unlucky #13 – Many Christians believed it started with witches’ covens having 12 members, making 13 only when the devil appeared at satanic ceremonies (although, prior to Christianity, 13 was considered a sacred number, representing the 13 moons of the year.) 13 was also the number at the Last Supper, when Judas betrayed Jesus.
Breaking a Mirror
– Our ancestors began this superstition, because they thought the image in a mirror, contained our actual soul. Thus, a broken mirror, represented the soul being pulled from your body and being trapped in all the shattered pieces. – The reason the bad luck lasted for seven years, was because the Romans believed that after seven years, the body was physically renewed and the soul could once again return whole. Cure: To break the spell of misfortune from a broken mirror, you must wait seven hours, (one for each year of bad luck), before picking up the broken pieces, and bury them outside, in the moonlight.

Walking Under Ladder – If you walk under a ladder you supposedly break a spiritual triangle (the Holy Trinity) that will leave you vulnerable to the devil.
Black Cats –
Black cats have long been believed to be a supernatural omen, since the witch hunts of the middle ages, Christians associated a witches black cat to be connected to evil. Since then, it is considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.

Friday the 13th– It is claimed that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden on a Friday, Noah’s flood started on a Friday and Christ was crucified on a Friday, so it is likely these days and numbers combined were given the signal of bad luck.
Spilling Salt
-At one time salt was a rare commodity and thought to have magical powers. It has long been useful as a preservative, in medicine, and is also used in magic, ritual, and superstition to purify, bless things, and drive away evil. It was unfortunate to spill salt and one had to take a pinch of it and throw it over their left shoulder to undo any bad luck, and ward off the devil that may lurk behind.

I wanted to show the difference between “Wives Tales” and “Superstitions”. Witches are not “superstitious” as most superstitions are Christian, and based on bad luck, evil and devil & deathly outcomes. ~Aldora

62 Responses to Folklore & Old Wives Tales

  1. Laura Ludwig says:

    Need help with a spiritual cleansing…I have been through a lot of backstabbing, physical harm and jealousy with friends and family. I need guidance and want to get people to empathize. I, also want success for myself but because of certain spirits I am having a very hard time achieving my goals. How can. I find relief, self-satisfaction and warmth again??? Deeply hurt and betrayed.

    • Aldora says:

      It sounds like you need some soul cleansing and that comes from within. You have to remove yourself from your current situation completely. Get away from everyone and everything that is causing this negative effect on you that is harming you emotionally and physically even if it is your family. Realize that until you are out of harms way and on the path to healing with positive energy, you cannot allow any of these people in your life. Get strong mentally and get yourself out of there, do some soul searching, strengthen yourself and surround yourself with new positive people and things before you can allow any healing with these relationships. Until you can do that, you will find it impossible to break free of what you are currently going through! Good Luck, chin up – Aldora.

    • Aldora says:

      HI Laura – I didn’t want to recommend it until it was in an e-book form. This is my book, and it’s the best place to start on the right path to your Journey. Blessings, Aldora

  2. Robin says:

    I was sitting at my computer and a bird hit the window. I ran outside and there were grey feathers all over. No bird laying around. Not sure what kind of a sign this is? Im hoping its a good one. But reading on the internet that it could mean death. What do you think? thanks Robin

    • Aldora says:

      I think it means we all should put lines on our windows so more birds would see that they are there. In reality I don’t think it means anything symbolic, thousands of birds die by hitting windows every day. We are overpopulating this earth with unnatural things and invading many species territory. Therefore I don’t read into these unfortunate things other than what nature reveals to us. Before you look into a symbolic meaning for things out of the ordinary happening, always use logic first. If you can’t find an answer then delve into a deeper meaning for the event. Good luck, Aldora.

  3. punam says:

    Hey hi… I’m suffering from lot of anger @ home … Also suffering from lot of dreams … I don’t get goodnight peaceful sleep … Can you suggest me any solution .

    • ben mesvania says:

      Lets start with the anger, the anger can be a by-product from not at lot of sleep, but the trouble of sleeping can be a list of different reasons,
      – If your currently having problems with your day to day life
      – Worry, concerns you may have
      – Bad dreams( Also a potential indicator or a certain obstacle in you life right now that is trying to surface you attention on it, if this is the case try and identify it, accept it but concentrate on a solution)
      Another solution could be to practice meditating, over time it will dramatically help find your equilibrium, and calm you for sleep so you may have a good nights rest.
      Meditation will also teach you to be in control of your emotion other than you emotion being in control of you.
      Love and light

      PS: If this helped and want to find out more please dont hesatate to contact via email (

  4. Kat says:

    My family and I were enjoying a beautiful day at home and had all the doors an windows open when an American Robin flew in the open door (It didn’t get hurt) and perched itself (like it knew where it was going) on my kitchen hutch looked at me tilted it’s head and flew back out the open door. You can imagine this was excitable to everyone who seen this, and we were spiritually lifted (not that we were depressed or anything it just filled our home with an uplifting feeling). Now 3 weeks have passed and I see this same bird on my porch looking in our living room window, sitting on our fence looking in our kitchen window and on a bush looking in my bedroom window (whatever room I am in). I have seen this miraculously beautiful bird everyday and everywhere in fact he kind of follows me on walks and it seems to know where I’m going (impossibly before I do) since his arrival through our front door, and before you ask no I haven’t been feeding it. So I have been researching to find a meaning perhaps spiritually and I keep getting huge contradictions. Can you help me to sort this out as it has began to plague my thoughts and meditations? What do you think? Is this just purely coincidental?

    • Aldora says:

      It could mean many things…Could it be a bird that your ancestor or passed loved one was a fan of? Maybe one of your loved ones is trying to send you a message through this bird. Is it trying to get out constantly? Maybe it’s telling you to free yourself from the box you’ve put yourself in. Not every bird in the house has to be an ill omen. This is not necessarily a omen so much as an indication that this particular bird would like to be your friend. The bird that follows you home might actually be what we call your “spirit guide” or “totem.” These birds can be anything from a crow to a pigeon. Research the mythology behind whatever bird is following you home and be open to the fact that this bird might be your guardian of one kind or another. Good luck, Aldora

      • Kat says:

        Thank you so much for your reply. Since I last wrote we have put a table and chairs outside and hung a pretty birdfeeder. I now have my morning coffee with my new friends (and many times they fly down and perch on my table) I still enjoy our walks together and the other day my daughter was leaving the house to go to an event downtown when a very large black bird (Raven I believe) landed on our porch and would not let her leave when she called to me to “come here and see this” I immediately said she couldn’t go. She was extremely upset with me but didn’t go and called her friend to let her know that because of a “stupid bird” (as she said it) she couldn’t go later that day she got a call from her friend (the one she was meeting downtown) and said she wished she’d listen to that “stupid bird” but now she has 2 broken legs and her car was totaled. Hit on the front passenger side where my daughter always sits in her friends car. So once again Thank You so much because of your insight you may have just helped me save my daughters life! Much love and happiness to you and your family!!

        • Kat says:

          One more thing is it just one bird that is your totem or can it be any type of bird because even since my daughters almost accident I still have a vast array of birds visit me. Whenever a bird appears at my window I just go outside and sit at my table and chairs and visit. They don’t appear to be scared of me (as they are with others in my family and my neighbors). When I looked this phenomenon up on the internet once again it is all contradictory. In one place it says I simply have an affinity for birds, but it doesn’t say anything about people with these affinities get warnings from birds it just says that I can feel close to them. I feel in fact if that’s the case I have affinity for cats, dogs AND bird’s. Just in case your wondering I don’t have any caged animals. 😀

  5. linda says:

    good day
    ive been dreaming that im pregnant, not giving birth or anything like that just heavily pregnant, also in the dream four of my friends that im actually friends with are also pregnant, i dont know what it means but alot of people tell me it means death. can someone please shed some light on this one, im a single mother to a little boy.

    • Aldora says:

      HI Linda – it doesn’t have anything to do with death. After my first pregnancy years ago (27 to be exact) I had the same dreams when others were pregnant. You may just be dreaming about it because you’ve experienced it and may have an inclination to want to again. Or you’re just enjoying the feeling through a friend who is…always shine a positive light on the things you dream and perceive and you will attract the same. Good luck, Aldora.

  6. afia says:

    My mother in law always reuses the utensils that my mom sends food in. She would either store food in boxes and refrigerate them or use other cooking utensils for preparing her own food. She doesn’t rest until she’s done that atleast once. I have to wash stuff each time before I can return them back to my mom. Sometimes I feel this has to do with something superstitious or so. Please guide.

  7. Romm girl says:

    Hi ,i have read the leaves since i was 11 my mother is of rom gypsy descent,but this morning when i picked up my husbands cup,he had a very distinct image of a witch on a broom flying away from the handle,gut instinct tells of ill omen.I know it isnt a bad image in essence but it has bothered me all day any ideas on the depth of this.also this was not a planed reading ,thanks

    • Aldora says:

      It could just be a sign that you need to expand your interests…maybe your husband has an interest in Witchcraft or Wicca? I would never take that as a bad sign. Good luck, Aldora 😉

  8. afia says:

    But she doesn’t do such things when she gets treats from anywhere else
    Only with the utensils that come over from my mother’s house. Infact the other day she stopped me from washing and retuning them before she had warmed her good in it.
    I just wonder if there is such a superstitious belief that if she cooked in utensils that belonged not her it will ward off evil somehow?

  9. afia says:

    Her food* in it

  10. Aldora says:

    It’s a very vague question that needs more answers…ie) do you live alone? Anyone else have access to your house? I’d say it obviously didn’t get there by itself.

  11. pam says:

    my son is playing inside our bedroom suddenly i heard something fell off the floor. i saw that it was our family picture and glasses was broken, is it really a bad omen? how i will stop this bad luck for my family? pls enlighten me..thank you.

    • Aldora says:

      Don’t be so quick to think mishaps like that are bad omens. People tend to lose their common sense of what actually happened, ie). Faulty hanging picture cord, a bump on the wall that causes it to physically fall if it’s not secured properly. You just draw negative energies to yourself when you assume it’s a bad omen. Think more positively, I put up the folklore & old wives tales for entertainment purposes only. I believe there is a perfectly logical explanation for almost everything – including this. Do not worry yourself, Aldora.

  12. Angel Spaide says:

    I have been having some concerns about a phenomena that has been occurring lately. I have gained a new friend here recently and every single time I go to his house, the moon is either orange and quite large in the sky or it is so bright that it’s blinding. It’s ways that I have never seen it before. And it only appears that way when I’m there. When I leave, it’s no longer like that. And the first night I hung out with him, the moon was blood red and full. Does this have any kind of meaning or is it all in my head?

    • Aldora says:

      HI Angel, I wouldn’t let it be a deciding factor in whether or not you choose to hang out with this new friend. Maybe this new friend has enlightened you in ways that’s making you pay closer attention to the details of things that you never did before? It doesn’t necessarily always have to be a negative thing. Good luck, Aldora

  13. Anthea says:

    I came here to find out what a Tablespoon dropping on the floor means :) Found the answer, although it is 10:30 at night and I usually do not get company of a woman this late! LOL So, I am wondering, can this mean a woman’s company tomorrow?

  14. Ryan Lewis says:

    Eeeeeek a mirror has just fallen from the wall. Although I was sitting in front of it, it would have had my reflection from my right side as I wasn’t sat facing it. I don’t think it is broken. I am rather reluctant to pick it up but I know I have to as it is blocking the entrance to the stairs. When it happened I felt an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread which has since passed. I know by the time I get an answer of you I will have moved it and have to deal with whatever happens come what may. My 2 little children are sleeping upstairs and my son is in the front room. Nothing knocked it off the wall and the door is closed.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Ryan, I’m not a believer of superstitions myself – I only posted them as an entertaining read of things people used to do to instill fear and doubt in themselves. There is usually always a logical explanation for these sorts of things. The resistance and weight of the mirror and the hook/nail or wire/string failing after years of supporting the weight. I believe if we think more logically it can give us much more positive power than thinking something is always trying to get us in a negative way.

  15. Jennifer says:

    My mother in law of 2 years broke her husband’s favorite mug. The mug was a gift she had given him around the time they met and about 30yrs prior. The mug had a very retro, 60’s-70’s art style and had several little blue birds on it but one was wearing a sombrero. My father in law is Mexican and Catholic. What are your thoughts?

  16. Selina says:

    I was sitting outside with my mom talking and a pigeon dropped their egg right by me. A couple days before there had been some “family drama” I guess u could say, with my daughter and her ex, turned really ugliest really fast. What could this egg mean to me?

  17. arimas says:

    Accidentally an egg broke after i entered into my new flat ..what does it signify?

    • Aldora says:

      Eggs are a symbol of new beginnings so on the bright side I’d say you christened your new apartment. Honestly I am not superstitious at all and the folklore & superstitions page are for pure enjoyment only. Don’t let any little thing like that signify a bad omen in your life. Stay positive and enjoy your journey, Aldora.

  18. Ann Simmons says:

    I have been unable to sleep for a couple of days now i am thinking it is cause of a guy that i am in love with.but again i am unsure can you help

    • Aldora says:

      Love can do many things to us mentally & physically…these are all things we go through in life. It’s up to you to assess your feelings and figure out what’s going on. These are the building blocks that will shape who you will become. Don’t make it complicated, but learn from everything life has to teach you. Keep a positive light about you and enjoy the journey. Blessings, Aldora.

  19. Brandy says:

    My family has been thru a lot of hardships lately and stress but we’ve been sticking together thru it all. Today was very trying and in the evening my husband walked outside and just stood there relaxing a feather fell from the sky and landed in his hand. He came in and asked me what I thought cause I’m “witchy” lol . I think it’s his grandpa who raised him like a son letting him know he’s not alone. It’s something he would do. Grandpa passed away 10 yrs ago and they were so close. I told my hubby & he didn’t know what to say. Sometimes the smallest things have the most impact. I just wanted to share a beautiful moment. Bright blessings to all

  20. Jade lored says:

    Ummmm there’s been knocking at my window manny times me and my brother went outside to see who or what it was it was a giant bird with red eyes now we Allways hear knocking but he was there for a while and he flew off what shood we do

  21. Tercia says:

    I just got to france from south Africa,where I’m originally from.5 days ago I started spilling every cup of tea I made till starting to think that this signifies something,yet I don’t know what it is someone please help

  22. Haley Nicole says:

    Hi,Ive been wondering how to find out if i have magick from heredity?I’m part cherokee, and my grandma’s great grandmother was a full cherokee and she could heal with touch and herbs and Iv’e had an experience where i was with my grandma in her car and she started having chest pains and without thinking i touched her hand and imagined good energy to make the pain go away flowing into her hand and after she told me it was gone..Could this be an ability i have or just a lucky thing that happened?

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Haley – The only way to to find out is to read about your ancestry and their belief systems and practise your abilities. Reading and research will serve you well before you attempt any magic. Good luck on your journey – Aldora :)

  23. Sara says:

    I’m at a loss
    I’ve always felt I’m a witch I have a full & heavy heart, I have looked witchcraft up recently in what’s been a ‘on the ropes year’ & it’s enforced my beliefs I live over a stream, birds nest in every window of my home, I’ve never been harmed by an animal not even a bee sting, I think of people or things & then they appear days later on TV, my broom falls & someone knocks it’s incredible how solid it’s become since I began exploring,
    I’m concerned I have several ceramic, wooden hearts hanging around my home & one by one they are falling & smashing I don’t know what to think, any advice is very welcome x

  24. Tracy Wilson-George says:

    Lately dishes are being dropped and they shatter as well as people spilling their drinks on the floor around me. Just curious what the heck it means. Thank you

  25. Mel says:

    Last time I heard 3 knocks they were clear and my father passed I understood that due to teachings from my elders, but lately I have been hearing 3 friendly knocks once a week at the same time 1.30(ish) am on my front door. Does this mean death again??

    • Aldora says:

      I don’t know Mel, I don’t let superstitions get in the way of common sense and scientific reasoning. It can create much undo stress. Aldora

  26. denagivenaway says:

    Every time I get my Palm read or cards read it says I’m rich : I’m supposed TO have a great job : The worst is I know who my soul mate is AND I can’t find him and my Palm is showing over 50 years old when I find him : I thought about this whole thing with my Palm and my future and I decided on a p l ace to live in the middle of L a s t location of my lost love and middle of where my d.n a family I took d.n a my intuition says because I was given away my destiny cannot happen because I’m so far from family and my destiny friends and my soul mate I know a lot of people would say you make your destiny no matter where you live I’m almost50 And disagree with that wivestale so I’m going to move when I get settled what should I do for my New place before I move in ? For my old destiny to catch up WITH my New destiny and old wives tale FOR when I move into my new place : love to hear positive remarks and looking forward to your positive remarks sincerely denagivenaway

  27. akash sachdev says:

    from last one week someone is placing salt in a big betel leaf at the doorstep of my shop in the night ………….what does it indicate?? and if it is a sign of bad luck how to prevent it??

    • Aldora says:

      HI Akash, Depending on where you live it is more in the realm of Voodoo & Hoodoo but usually in the form of a cross. Japanese culture puts a pile of salt (referred to as Morijio) on the doorstep of a business to attract customers to it’s establishment. In Wicca, salt is used as a protection…a line of salt used at the doorway to keep negative energies away from your home so usually a representation of cleansing and protecting. So I wouldn’t take it as a bad omen at all. Especially if you put out positive energies to the salt dish, and tell yourself it is meant for doing good then that energy will be absorbed by the salt. Good luck, Aldora

  28. Yvonne says:

    I went outside in the snow and noticed Bird footprints the had encircled around my railing of the steps and then, a straight line of footprints going straight down the steps. Is this a symbol or sign of anything to come?

  29. Scampbell says:

    I’m pregnant with twins at 18 weeks I noticed a flock of black birds around my home. Didn’t think anything of it but now I’m 21 weeks when I pull up to my home or get in my car the small little green bird I guess a sparrow keeps trying to get in the car with me literally get in the car not crashing or flying into windows but trying to get in have you guys ever gearshift this

    • Aldora says:

      You would need to correctly identify the bird as they all have a pretty specific meaning. It’s a good sign – congratulations twins! Aldora

  30. Susan says:

    It’s been almost two years since I’ve missed carried and it was a natural miscarriage. Prior to the event I would drive home and see the same hawk at the same overpass over my vehicle no matter the time of day. I can usually identify signs and I’m very intuitive. Just wanted to know your thoughts.

  31. Aldors I have been sitting hear for the past hour originaly trying to find a reason why i have been falling over things and shouldn’t coffie every morning but found myself reading the comments and concerns of thos confiding in you and I must say thank you for your worm understanding and patience . I know the importance if putting positive energy’s into the things that happen in my life so since there is no understanding I can find I will stay putting good energy’s into the spilt coffie I am almost certain will happen tomorrow. Blessings and light

  32. Katherine Marquez says:

    I have a question , that I have these people that come to my house they are my brothers girlfriends parents , and they believe God and all those things , but it’s so werid that every time they come over my case or a candle warmer or something with glass always breaks the next day , and they always talking about our family about how we have all these nice things and thy don’t , and j also I got this new kitchen aid mixer and they came over and my kitchen aid mixer broke last night , idk if you can help figure this out , thank you

    • Aldora says:

      I would do a house cleansing and protection spell for your house to keep it safe from negative influences entering. Blessings, Aldora

  33. Ray says:

    I have a question I am a logger an a lot of days when working in the woods I see things that looks like snakes like different twigs or roots or things I’m trying to look for answers of what I could do to understand what this means

    • Aldora says:

      I’m not sure I understand the question Ray? You are a logger in the wilderness, that’s where there are a lot of snakes…I’m sure it’s a natural thing you are seeing? Aldora

      • Ray says:

        Question again it’s stick an roots that look like snakes

        • Aldora says:

          I know you may feel some frustration but maybe it’s just your mind playing tricks on you especially if you have a fear of snakes? Because sticks and roots do look a lot like snakes.

  34. Jo says:

    Question about broken mirrors!

    Several months ago, I buried the pieces of a mirror that I broke out in my garden under a full moon. Last week, I went out to the garden to find that someone had dug them up! Ironically, the night they were dug up was a full moon. What, if anything, does this mean for me?

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