Mabon, Autumn Equinox or Harvest Home?

(Sept 21-23) There are quite a few terms Pagans like to use instead of Mabon – what term do you prefer? For me it’s a very important time of the year. The “harvesting & gathering” season. I’m hunting like the goddesses Artemis and Diana, filling my freezer with natural wild protein. Foraging for mushrooms in the wilderness, and late harvest wild herbs & rosehips. Getting the last of the Summer’s garden in and canned or frozen for the long Winter ahead. Cutting wood to keep our houses warm all Winter. There is so much to do this time of year but my absolute favorite thing about late September, is the bright beautiful sun and the chill in the air that keeps my nose cold as I work outside. I feel healthy and invigorated when this time of year comes around. I absolutely love the temperature! You can wear hoodies and your favorite fall Jackets with  Jeans or Yoga pants, lol! Whatever you do this Autumn – make sure it’s the Prepper in you that’s in high gear for the long dark days ahead. Celebrate with your families & friends and give thanks to the earth for all it’s bounties it’s brought this year as it begins it’s slow descent into the autumn II

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Want insight to a question or situation? Sit down with me personally for a reading. I use all natural beeswax candles and allow it to drip into rainwater that has been charged by the full moon, and powered by gemstones & crystals. From there we read the wax formations together, (30-60 min on Skype) and I later send a detailed list to you by email of our reading for you to keep. Contact me today for a reading!Wax Scrying

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Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch – A Solitary Wiccan Guide

It’s finally done! 3 years in the making and I’m proud to announce it’s available as an e-book. It’s absolutely stunning in print as it’s large and plenty of full colored photographs. Either way – it’s something that everyone has been emailing me about how to get started with Wicca & Witchcraft. Well this is it – a guide for you to personally enjoy and learn even more than just the basics! ~ Aldora

Click here to get the large hard copy of "Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch".

Click on this book to get the large hard copy of “Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch”.


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~Emails~ You all Make a Difference in my Life Everyday!

An incredible email from David, and like many others I get everyday. I am always very touched with kind words from my readers. My main goal is to help you all have incredible lives with many paths and that you understand all the signs that may greet you on your journeys. – Aldora

Good Morning Aldora,
I have never commented on any articles or websites till now. You are incredibly gifted and knowledgeable in your field. Just reading your website (and the comments listed) has given me a few more of the puzzle pieces I need for my journey. After the passing of my sister who was Wiccan and head of a small Covern for over 13 years, I became interested in her beliefs (which she did not openly talk about). As other people mentioned in the comments section, I began to see similarities and “gifts” that coincided with certain spiritual types.
I would like to submit a suggestion to those still researching Paganism, Wicca, and other Earth based spiritual religions. Go way back. Look for the oldest books and articles on your particular interests. Then research the authors to see what influenced them. This will provide a foundation and history of what you believe and will help “weed” out the fame seekers.
Thank you.


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Making Herbal Lozenges – Summer prepping

herbal lozenges

There’s no time like, now – to get your pantry stocked for the Flu season! 

You may refine it a bit and add your own favorite herbal cold & flu remedies. I used what I had on hand and created my own recipe. Bring to a boil 1.5 cups of spring water with 1/2 cup demerara brown sugar, 1/3 cup of honey, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp himalayan pink salt, 3 tbsp fresh finely ground ginger (frozen grates easier), 1/2 tsp ground cloves, juice of 1/2 a lemon and 8 drops of peppermint oil.

On med-high heat stir frequently until thick – about 15 minutes. If you don’t have a candy thermometer do the ice water test. When you drip the syrup into a cup of ice cold water a hard ball forms. Drop by tsp small dabs (nickel size) on parchment paper. Allow to cool and sprinkle with icing sugar so they don’t stick together. Store in a cool, dry place or container. I loved the consistency of the ground ginger in the lozenges, mmm good! You can also add 2 lozenges to a hot cup of water with a wedge of lemon – dissolve for a drink before bedtime to soothe your cold and tuck yourself into bed :)

nickel size pastille's

Toss in Icing Sugar

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Ditch Those Toxic Melting Chemicals!

Don’t know what to do with all those expensive melting wax holders and devices? Use alternative natural scents to fill your home. Water, cinnamon sticks and cloves with a few drops of orange oil makes a wonderful scent, and you won’t be harming anyone in the household with harsh toxic chemicals.

~ Avoid ~ cheap candles with lead wicks, imported candles, any metal core wick candles, scented candles (unless naturally scented), gel candles or any other aromatherapy candles like grocery store brands glade, febreeze & scentsy (this includes all wall plug in scents too!) These all have harmful toxic effects.

~ Buy ~ lead free candles. Don’t let the tea light candles burn right to their aluminum bottoms! If you can avoid them all together and make your own bee’s wax ones you are much better off. Burn your candles in a large open room, and only randomly – not every day all day long!

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~The Pagan Kitchen Witch~

Aldora Dawn

Aldora Dawn

Over the last decade there has been a growing trend of people wanting to get back to their roots, and old ways of doing things – particularly in the Kitchen. The Kitchen is the Hearth & Home of many households, it’s where company comes to visit and where magic is made for all to enjoy.

Each time you create in the Kitchen – you infuse your ingredients with love, intent and will. It’s why the Kitchen Witch usually has a herbal & vegetable garden, and most likely farms where an abundance of organic meat, milk & eggs is available to them. Perhaps they are hunters & gatherers as it’s very important to a Pagan to have fresh organic food and know where it comes from. So when they are creating magic with food, there is a much more positive influence on what you are providing for your family & friends.

Tips on creating a good workspace and some positive atmosphere in your magical space;
~dedicate a cupboard to your altar (so your tools are accessible) Items such as candles, cauldron, incense, etc.
~store your dried herbs in beautiful sealed jars that you can collect and display to have on hand.
~keep your herb garden close to the kitchen or have a few planted pots of herbs in the kitchen ready on hand.
~cleaning rituals are important in the kitchen – keep your space clean and fresh – simmering potpourri helps enchant the kitchen and lift your senses to increase creativity.
~Buy good knives and sharpen them regularly, same goes for cutting boards. Have cutting boards dedicated just for meat so there is no chance of cross contamination. Bleach or sanitize your meat cutting boards often. If you have the proper tools in which to create then the experience will be that much more magical!
~Collections of recipes & books should be well organized.
~Collect aprons – It’s like putting on a Witch’s cape, they always put me in a great mood for being creative (plus I keep all my shirts clean.)
~I like to hum or sing or whistle when I’m in the Kitchen, playing some background music can really help channel the love.
~Take pictures of your food and create a file of them on your laptop complete with the recipe so you never forget your creations.

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How much do you know about one of the oldest Religions on Earth?

Paganism – the largest of the Neopagan religions. Pagan/Wiccans have great reverence for the Earth and for their Goddess and her consort, the horned God. Their main rule of behavior is the Wiccan Rede which forbids them from harming people, including themselves, except in some cases of self-defense. It’s a very gentle religion (belief system) and it’s always a self chosen one. It’s important that we educate ourselves about what it is, and what it isn’t…




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Check Out this Year’s New Gift Ideas!

Check Out this Year’s New Gift Ideas! Get the recipes here.

Spiced Apple Pie Moonshine,  Honey Lime Vinaigrette, Merlot Infused Sea Salt, One Shot Vanilla


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Yule – Winter Solstice (dec 21) – The longest night of the year. How will you celebrate the return of the sun? Long time traditions have people gathering around fires, candles – it’s a time to rest and reflect. Everything lies dormant in the silent night, a sacred time of rest before the awakening, and the slow build toward longer days.

The yule log is a remnant of the bonfires that the European pagans would set ablaze at the time of winter solstice. These bonfires symbolized the return of the Sun.

The Yule Log – The oak log should be very dry so that it will blaze well. On the night of Yule, carve a symbol of your hopes for the coming year into the log. Burn the log to release it’s power. In the fireplace or bonfire area, dried kindling should be set to facilitate the burning of the log. The Yule log can be made of any wood (Oak is traditional). Each releases its own kind of magick.

Ash – Brings protection, prosperity & health        yule11
Aspen – Invokes understanding of the universe
Birch – Signifies new beginnings
Holly – Inspires visions & reveals past lives
Oak – Brings healing, strength & wisdom
Pine – Signifies prosperity & growth
Willow – Invokes the Goddess to achieve desires

What will you choose as your Yule log this year?

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