Types of Witches

THIS IS A SITE FOR ALL WHO ARE POSITIVE PEOPLE – DARK MAGIC FOLLOWERS ARE NOT WELCOME! If you are interested in the Dark Arts you will simply have to find information elsewhere. I don’t participate in Negative comments or behavior such as internet trolling.

There are many belief systems – I haven’t touched on all of them, but those I felt important to know are listed below. Knowing how to properly identify who you are and what you will become is important to what path in life you will choose or follow.

Many people have their opinions on what a Witch is. Shamans, Druids, Wise Women & Men, Healers & Heathens, Lovers of Mother Earth. The birth of Christianity was also very near the death of Witchcraft, Wicca & Paganism alike. Some religions will preach to you that a witch is “evil” and “satanic”, and only perform magic for ill intent or to harm someone, because this is how they were “conditioned” from a young age. As all true Wiccans know there is no such thing as Satan the Devil or Evil for that matter, these are things created and believed by Christians and other like religions.

TAKE CAUTION *Atheistic SATANISM* (church of satan) founded in 1966 is becoming more prevalent in todays society, but don’t confuse them with Wicca & Witchcraft – they are “true disbelievers” or “evangelical atheists” and that’s exactly what they call themselves. They don’t necessarily do harm – but they believe that as individuals they are all gods – they apply doubt to such claims that other religions have gods. Satanism does not involve the literal worship of any being other than the self, they feel free to satisfy their urges responsibly, exhibit kindness to their friends, and attack their enemies”. They take full responsibility for their actions and place themselves at the dead center of being important in the universe. Their perception of all other gods or things that are spiritual, do not exist and they do everything they can to make a mockery of other peoples beliefs -they are out to convert the world to atheism and invoke doubt into all that others truly believe in with individual religions and beliefs – in other words, they practise destroying others belief systems in trying to prove they don’t exist. They are Omniscient believing they have the capacity to know everything that there is to know and think they are the most intelligent people on earth. They think people that believe in spiritual beings and things that can’t be proven to exist – are weak and not worthy of the human race.

Here is a quote from the Church of Satan’s current leader Peter H. Gilmore. Satanists do not believe in the supernatural, in neither God nor the Devil. To the Satanist, he is his own God. Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates. The reality behind Satan is simply the dark evolutionary force of entropy that permeates all of nature and provides the drive for survival and propagation inherent in all living things. Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshipped, rather a reservoir of power inside each human to be tapped at will. Thus any concept of sacrifice is rejected as a Christian aberration—in Satanism there’s no deity to which one can sacrifice.

BEWARE OF Devil Worshipping /the Occult and Brotherhood of Satanists (very different from Atheistic Satanism) –  This is my website and my views alone and I personally do not classify these groups or individuals to  rightfully have any connection to Wicca or Witchcraft. They call their path the “Left Hand Path” some worship the devil while other organizations don’t – they believe that Satan is the master of all. They have morphed Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft and turned it dark. I for one who is of “Right Hand Path”, don’t believe they should be able to adopt our titles – they should just stick with “Dark Arts, Demon Worshipping & Black Magic” I refuse to recognize them as anything else because the true meaning of a Pagan, Wicca or Witchcraft is followers of the “Right Hand Path”, that choose to harm none. They truly believe in Satan, and think that Satan believes in them. They think Satan will help only those who help themselves first, and with the help of Satan – anything is possible. They do not accept any other organization – only Satan. They believe they can get more done in their occult by remaining in the Shadows of Darkness and Secrecy, and pride themselves as truly being “hell on earth”.  They honor the 4 Black Sabbats. They use Black Magic for their rituals & spellcasting where they want to invoke DEATH on someone which they call the Satan’s Black Witch’s Ladder Spell of Destruction. Anyone practising magic with negative intentions does not deserve to use the Wicca/Witchcraft terms. SO before you send me nasty emails stating that Satan followers have the right to call themselves Witches – do whatever you want as we all know you will anyway because you know it all! I WILL NOT RECOGNIZE IT, SO BE IT – MOVE ALONG – THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU! There are positive people and there are negative people, “it’s the law of attraction” if you behave negatively – then you attract negativity, (and visa versa), it’s physics – that’s what I believe. I categorize people in that way, I don’t care what religion you are – it’s how you behave and treat others, yourself, and this precious earth we ALL live on.

“Magic is magic, be it used to help or hinder. What you use it for will determine what kind of person you really are.”

Wicca: A modern Pagan religion with spiritual roots in the earliest expressions of reverence for nature. Some major identifying motifs are: reverence for both the Goddess and God; acceptance of reincarnation and magick; ritual observance of astronomical and agricultural phenomena; and the use of magickal circles for ritual purposes.

Witch:   A practitioner of folk magick, particularly that kind relating to herbs, stones, colors, wells, rivers, etc. It is used by some Wiccans to describe themselves. Being solitary or a member of a coven. This term has nothing to do with Satanism.

Witchcraft:  Witchcraft is a Pagan folk – religion of personal experience. The craft of the witch – magick, especially magick utilizing personal power in conjunction with the energies within stones, herbs, colors, and other natural objects. This belief system also has nothing to do with Satanism – Black magic (which some mistakenly take as Witchcraft) has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. Modern Wicca and Witchcraft practitioners have sought to distance themselves from those intent on practising black magic. Voodoo has its own distinct history and traditions that have little to do with the traditions of modern witchcraft. Their penchant for magic associated with curses, poisons and zombies means they, and Voodoo in general, are regularly associated with black magic in particular.

Maleficium (Sorcery):  is a Latin term meaning “wrongdoing” or “mischief”, and is used to describe malevolent, dangerous, or harmful magic, “evildoing,” or “malevolent sorcery.” In general, the term applies to any magical act intended to cause harm or death to people or property. Maleficium can involve the act of poisoning or drugging someone, and is often used in dark arts (black magic) and Necromancy (a form of magic involving communication with the deceased).

Pagan/Neo-Pagan/Paganism:   General term for followers of Wicca and polytheistic Earth-based religions.  The term “neopagan” provides a means of distinguishing between historical pagans of ancient cultures and the adherents of modern religious movements. These religions include syncretic or eclectic approaches like Wicca, Neo-Druidism, and Neoshamanism at one end of the spectrum. Also used to refer to pre-Christian religious and Spiritual belief systems. “Neopagan” is often deemed offensive and not used by many contemporary Pagans, who claim that the inclusion of the term “neo” disconnects them from their ancient polytheistic ancestors. Beliefs and practices vary widely among different Pagan groups; however, there are a series of core principles common to most, if not all, forms of modern paganism. Polytheism – One of the most important principles of the Pagan movement, the belief in and veneration of multiple gods and/or goddesses. Animism & Pantheism – is the holistic concept of a universe that is interconnected.  In both beliefs divinity and the material and/or spiritual universe are one. For Pagans, Pantheism means that “divinity is inseparable from nature and that deity is immanent in nature.” Animism it can refer to a belief that everything in the universe is imbued with a life force or spiritual energy. In contrast, some contemporary Pagans believe that there are specific spirits that inhabit various features in the natural world, and that these can be actively communicated with – some which use animal spirits as a spiritual guide. Such views have also led many pagans to revere the planet Earth as Mother Earth, who is often referred to as Gaia after the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth.

Shamanism: A Shaman is an intermediary between this world and the spirit world. Shamans believe that unseen spirits permeate the world around us, act upon us, and govern our fates. They act on behalf of the community conducting ceremonial rituals, healing the people, and helping to guide others on the shamanic path. A shaman’s life belongs to the village and it is their responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of the family, the community and all of creation. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. Their practices tap into the power Mother Earth has to offer and the ancient indigenous teachings are derived from  the simplistic truths of nature. Their goal being to create internal and external harmony with all creation.  In remote locations where tribal culture is still the way of life, shamans continue to hold the positions of counselor, healer, spiritual guide. Shamanism is the path of immediate and direct personal contact with Spirit, deeply intuitive, and not subject to definition, censorship, or judgement by others.  It does not have attached dogma and hierarchies etc. of modern day organized religion. All shamans must undergo an intense apprenticeship, learning the timeworn practices of their vocation.



Traditional Witch

Traditional Witch – The witches who take the journey of traditional witchcraft, are interested in science, and are followers of history and the arts, building a foundation for their craft. These witches are less inclined to follow nature, or participate in the worship of Goddess or Gods, preferring to work predominantly with the Spirit world. When they work within their sacred space and cast their circle, they are open to receiving information from the Spirit world. There also use herbs, flowers, and potions during their rituals and ceremonies. In rare instances, some traditional witches are drawn towards the black/dark arts, and work with banishing and repelling spells, but still understand that what they cast out will come back to them – therefore more often than not they prefer to spellcast in positive light.



Kitchen Witch: (aka – Cottage Witch & Hearth Witch)Kitchen Witch This Witch carries practical sides of the Wiccan / Pagan religion, magic, gemstones, the elements and the earth. A Kitchen Witch is usually recognized as practicing Celtic Wicca: Goes by the elements, the Ancient Ones and nature. They are usually healers, respected highly and once they are past their 40’s tend to take on a “Wise Woman” role as they have an abundance of knowledge and are admired for it. They work with plants, stones, flowers, trees, the elemental people, the gnomes and the fairies. But above all performs her magic in the Kitchen and has Goddess given talents for food crafting.  Potions, herbal remedies, and natural instincts for over protection of hearth and home. Most often they make the best mates as they are very crafty in love and relationships – and it is said one who is a friend of a Kitchen Witch has many perks.

Green witchGreen Witch:
Is the practice of nature-based and earth oriented witchcraft, drawing on the folklore, folk religion and folk magic of ancient cultures as they connected to the forest; such as the tree worship of Druids, the kitchen craft of Italian witches or the keeping of sacred groves as presented in Gallic paganism. Green witches usually practice a traditional form of witchcraft in which the earth, trees, herbs, plants and flowers are consulted for their medicinal and magical value. They will grow their own herbs or Wildcraft them, and are very good at making herbal remedies. Belief in deities depends on the individual witch, though many Green witches acknowledge and earth mother or series of nature spirits as their deity. Usually, the spirits of nature, the dead (that of humans and animals) or the Fey have a large part in Green traditions. A form of green witchcraft which is better classified as Green Wicca was popularized by Ann Moura.

wise woman

Hedge Witch
Hedge craft is a path that is somewhat shamanic in nature, (sometimes referred to as wise man & wise woman) as they are practitioners of an Earth-based spirituality. These are the ones who engage in spirit flight and journey into the Other world. They can, in this capacity, be very powerful midwives and healers. A bird of one kind or another is usually associated with the Hedge Witch, most commonly the raven and the goose. The term “hedge” signified the boundary of the village and represents the boundary that exists between this world and the spiritual realm. (they are said to be Night travelers or walkers on the wind). Their main function is mediator between the spirits and people. They may also work as a herbal healer or midwife. Some claim it to be the continuation of the practices of the cunning folk and wise-women, while others say that it is a modern tradition.


Eclectic Witch.jpegEclectic Witch
An individual approach that picks and chooses from many different traditions and creates a personalized form of witchcraft that meets their individual needs and abilities. They do not follow a particular religion or tradition, but study and learn from many different systems and use what works best for them. Many Eclectic Witches refer to themselves as Solitary Practioners, Sorcerors, Hedge Witches, Green, White, and Grey Witches. Some consider themselves Wicca, as long as the Rede is adhered to, the Earth and the Universe revered. One main complaint made against the Eclectic Witch is that they are not true Wiccans because they build a taylor-made religion or tradition for themselves from the ground up rather than following an established or correct form of Wicca. Their minds remain open and are receptive to knowledge, ideas, beliefs and methods that others practice. They adapt well to different situations and create their own paths by what they believe to be true and right at that time in their life (simply put – they don’t follow rules). They like to explore and make their own mistakes and take from experiences in turn creating their own rules and traditions. It’s why you can bring 2 Eclectic Witches into a room yet they are totally different in the way they practise, live, and believe as they are all different in some way.

mother & daughterHereditary Witchcraft : The term hereditary witchcraft, is given to the witch who has inherited the magic gifts through genealogy. (Keep in mind just because your Grandparents or Parents were/are witches does not necessarily mean you are too. Sometimes this can skip generations.) These witches are born, usually to a magical family and begin their journey very early in their life, using the gifts handed down through the generations. Born into a tradition of esoteric origin (the conviction that nature is a living entity owing to a divine presence or life-force). These traditions are often not recorded, except in Grimoires which are also passed down but very highly protected, but rely primarily on oral and physical tradition. Each family has it’s own unique traditions. Most will stick together as family units rather than covens.

gemstone wandSea Witch: (water witch) As the name implies, sea witches are believed to be able to control many aspects of nature relating to water, most commonly an ocean or sea. They specialize in water based magic and worship Sea Gods & Goddesses. However, in more modern times, sea witches can also practice witchcraft on or near any source of water: lakes, rivers, bathtubs, or even simply a bowl of salt water. Sea witches use witchcraft related to the moon, tides, and the weather, and are believed to have complete control over the seas. In some folklore, sea witches are described as phantoms or ghosts who have the power to control the fates of ships their passengers. Sea witches often improvise on what they have, rather than making purchases from a store or from another person. Common tools include clam, scallop, or oyster shells in place of bowls or cauldrons. They are beachcombers and collect items including seaweed, fishing net, shells, sea grass, driftwood, pieces of sea glass, and even sand. Driftwood was used as walking sticks and charged as wands. Sea Witch works with what is termed ‘grey magic’ to maintain a balance of light and dark – most are solitary.

255 Responses to Types of Witches

  1. Lory says:

    Does one choose which type of witch they are or is it revealed to them?

    • Aldora says:

      For me it took time, I started out as a Wiccan teenager. Your love for certain things will mold you into what type you will be. For example I was a herbalist and a chef. My love for wildcrafting and cooking had me choosing the hat of a Kitchen Witch. However there may still be ties of all types intertwined within you. I have Gypsy heritage and do all my readings through these methods. You don’t have to choose just one. It does however take time to realize which one you may be…I didn’t truly know until I hit my 30th year. Do a self analysis to see where you fall in your interests, the type of witch you are may change from time to time – change is ok! Have a wonderful time discovering you & blessed be :)

      • Essa says:

        How did you deal with being a Wiccan teen? I am almost 13 and a Wiccan. The only person who knows is my best friend. How did you tell your parents or did you? HELP

        • Aldora says:

          Well that’s a tough one! My parents knew of my “interest”, and thought it was just a phase – I guess. My father was an atheist, and thought Wicca to be a joke. It’s why I waited until my adult life to live and believe the way I wanted to. That’s why I was a “closet witch” for so long. I find it less difficult to just keep things that way until your on your own. Do lots of reading and self discovering – it takes years anyhow. By the time your ready to come out – it will be as an adult and your decision to make! Blessed Be little one :)

          • Kassandriala says:

            I am closer to my mother and have been doing witchcraft for 2 years now. My mom knew about witchcraft because of a friend of hers and told her one day of what I was doing. She was shocked and a bit scared but accepted it. My father is Christian and his family too. So when he heard he said some stuff I knew was coming but after a while he relaxed and accepted that I was not changing my mind. He acts normal mostly but keeps his distance, but im okay with it. At least im happy with what im doing and with the support of my mother

          • Aldora says:

            Do what feels comes naturally to you, we live in a world where there has to be more acceptance towards others beliefs – even within families!

            Aldora ;)

        • Courtney says:

          I too am a teenage Wiccan. I follow more of the Asatru path. I am not sure exactly which of the types above I would be, but to me, it doesn’t matter. I have been on the path for 6 years, and while my father doesn’t know, my grandmother and friends do. They accept it, as long as I don’t push it on them. Just follow your heart, and let them know it isn’t a joke; its your religion, and they will respect you, eventually. Blessed Be, fellow Wiccan.

        • jackie says:

          i started out young and my ideals started with a deck of tarot cards. from there i started to teach my self. finding i had a natural gift for healing. my mom was very supportive kids at school not so much. my suggestion is to keep it between you and your friend. when you get older people are a bit more understanding. as to your parents you really should confide in them. they may surprise you and help you learn the right path to take.

        • sophie says:

          It depends on how your family is. For example I came up in a family that believes in this and practices it ( sometimes)… if they don’t believe in it then maybe it’s not necessarily something they need to approve of…just no funny business!!! Good luck girly

      • Kassandriala says:

        I have been wondering what type of witchcraft I would be? I believe I am wiccan but I feel like it might not be me. I have read a lot but not finding any answers. I am mostly happy and cheerful and willing to help people the most I can, but can have rage when something and has happened to someone close and have dark thoughts of what should be done. But I never have the courage to do it and talk myself out of it. I love the thoughts of using herbs and would love to live in a forest area. I am a lone witch with no coven, but would enjoy finding others in the same interest as me. At the moment I would like to gather myself and find the true me.

        • Aldora says:

          It could take years to find out what type of witch you are, and as you age so will your interests. You may start as a White Witch and as you read more and develop your talents and experience you may become a Green Witch if you study Herbalism. Just keep reading and studying – and always stay positive. A true Wiccan always abides by the rule of 3! When you act in negative ways it will come back to harm you threefold.

          Blessings, Aldora

        • Priscilla says:

          as same as me would like to find other wiccans

        • I am 19 years old and almost 20. My mom brought me up Christin. I didn’t get why some things happened to me. I saw it more and more. Then I asked one day what kinds of witches there are. She gave me her books and most of the things didn’t fit what I do, or feel with my self or the earth. I been trying my hand in may ways to see where I fit. I never found one till today. I put together a list of my believes and looked up types of witches. I make my own rules. So based of what I have learned today. Maybe make of list of things you do,feel with the earth, and much more. It helped me. I hope this helped.
          Blessed Be

  2. Jess says:

    Thank You for your extremely wise words Miss Aldora, this is all so amazing!! I know many have said it to you already, but your article and list on apothecary is the most extensive one I have found, could I please hand write a copy of much of your information for myself? Thank You again for sharing all your knowledge, blessings :)

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Jess – It would be with great pleasure if you would like to use the information I have provided for personal use. I’m glad you found the information useful – I took great pride when publishing it :)

  3. Allie says:

    Hello, Aldora
    Reading this has brought me much understanding, but I’m very young and still learning. How did you first know you wanted to become a witch?

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Allie, I was very young and just knew I was different. I had guidance from my Uncle Sage who is a Wiccan Elder, and I had many “gifts” that fit my Wiccan ways. You will know – either you are or you aren’t but there’s no hurry to make a choice. As time passes you will figure it out ;)

  4. Georgia says:

    I was just wondering if witchcraft actually works?

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Georgia, that’s a very complicated question. Not one easily answered. I don’t perform any Witchcraft specifically. I’m Wiccan, so I would need to know more specifically what your asking, I would be assuming your asking about spellcasting? Is that correct?

  5. Christine says:

    Hello Aldora,
    I am 43 and from a christian background. For many years I have known I am different. I have always been interested in psychics, magick and witches and never imagined I would be looking for a different way other than being christian. I love Christ but for some reason I am not fullfilled as a christian. The other day I had a person I don’t know tell me that I am a natural witch. So I have started a journey of understanding myself. Is there a way to believe in Christ and still be a witch? I feel I have a calling and want to know more and want to learn so I can make a decision.

    Thank you :)

    • Aldora says:

      Absolutely! There are many Christian Witches, Wiccans & Pagans. Gods and Goddesses come with all the religions but you can still believe in the Christian God and in Jesus and follow any other path to the Devine as well. My uncle is Christian, and a Wiccan Elder and prays to the Christian Gods. Don’t ever feel you have to leave one faith to join another. It’s very open and you can pick and choose what feels right to you and what your comfortable with. I wish you lots of success in your journey. Fell free to email me anytime.

      Blessed Be, Aldora :)

    • . says:

      Have you considered spiritualism? That usually strongly believes in God, angels and obviously spirits.

      Blessed be! )0(

    • Niul says:

      Hi I’m a 16 year old Christian and I am very interested in witchcraft I am not here to disturb the peace of the conversation but I can tell you for certain that you can’t be a Christian pegan or anything of that sort,
      luke 4:8 (Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.'”)

      Deuteronomy 18:9-12
      “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

      The bible very clearly forbids the use of any magic that is not his.
      Exodus 22:18
      Leviticus 19:31
      Leviticus 20:27
      Galatians 5:19-21

      And I have a question of my own
      Is there any visual magick that you can instantly see? Or is it never that easy haha

      ~Life, light and peace~

      Ps. I’m glad to see new witchcraft forums, all the other ones are out dated by 6+ years

      • Aldora says:

        In time (as your only 16) when you can live on your own and form your own opinions (and I mean this in the nicest possible way…I’m just assuming these are your parents beliefs) as that’s how people raise their children and that’s all normal. But after years you will experience new things and maybe see things differently when you’re not being strongly influenced by others. I am not Christian nor do I believe in that god or jesus or the devil (anything to do with Christianity) but believe it or there are other Christian Pagans. I have many acquaintances that do both. I think anyone can believe in whatever they want and no book written almost 3500 years ago should dictate that,..by example – I mean it was only in the late 1400’s that Columbus and many (Christians & non Christians) before him thought the earth was flat. Which we have evolved and now know that’s not true. I’m not saying my gods exist and yours doesn’t. Just hear what I’m trying to say…that no one person on this earth has any right to tell someone else what they can or cannot believe in (especially if it was written 3500 years ago)!

        Magic is in the eye of the beholder, not the creator. Until you can open your mind to other possibilities you will never know…I also wish you life, light and peace along with the freedom to choose.

        Blessings, Aldora

      • Jack Blair says:

        I have met many Christian witches, and many of the “anti-witch” verses of the bible are simply poorly translated, or were purposely mistranslated to aid in the Burning Times during the dark ages.

        Take “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” verse. In most accurate versions, and the oldest versions there are, it actually says “Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live”. Pretty big difference huh?

        On top of that, the Hebrews (the Jews which are an important people of the bible, not to mention Jesus was a jew) have their own magickal practices, the Kabbala. And not to forget the Ars Goetia, which is a Christianized magickal system that is based around summoning demons and angels.

        All this information paints a very different picture on using magick and witchcraft an being a Christian.

        • Aldora says:

          Those are good references Jack – the world is full of them. As long as we are all happy in our own religions and respect others there should be peace amongst all – wouldn’t that be nice? Blessings, Aldora

  6. Myrcenary says:

    I like your blog. I simply wish to assert that some witches DO believe in Satan. I agree that witches do not “worship” Satan, however, as this is pure Satanism and has nothing to do with the Craft. As a natural, (or as you would label me, “eclectic”), I believe in many things, none determined by the books of others but my own experience in Life. I believe in God. I believe in Satan. I believe in Jesus Christ. I’m a witch. God created me, and both God and myself believe in me, which I find a much more important question, (“Does God believe in me?”) than I find, “Do I believe in God?” *smile* Thank you for your time.

    • Aldora says:

      Thank you for your input – it’s hard to explain each aspect of witchery and their foundations. There is no right way to be a Wiccan, or no boundaries in which you must believe :)

      Blessed Be,

    • James Karen says:

      It should also be noted that Satanism does not believe in a literal Satan. Satan is a symbol for man’s carnal nature, therefore we do not worship The Devil. One could be a Satanic Witch in reality as a Witch in the tradition I was raised is a man or woman who worships The Goddess and practices Magic and Ritual and seeks to attune themselves to the Natural cycles of the Earth where a Satanist is someone who follows The Satanic Bible and believes in The Satanic Laws and Rules of The Earth.

      Witches do not need to believe in a literal anything to be a Witch, There are Witches who are Atheists, there are Witches who are Pantheists who view Nature as The Goddess and not as an existing external deity so who can be a Witch and who cannot be is quite broad.

      I consider myself to be a Satanic Witch, for YEARS I tried to choose one path over the other, I felt Pagan, I felt like a Witch, I revered and honored The Goddess but intellectually I was a Satanist and one day I decided to just stop fighting and embrace both and here I am.


  7. Alex says:

    I’m wondering if spell casting really works… As I understand magic and supernatural are companions right? have u experienced anything like that?

    • Aldora says:

      It’s all about positive and negative. If you believe it to be true, just like some people believe in certain gods and others do not – then it can or cannot happen. Putting your faith into spells is the same as who you worship or what you worship (if you do). Putting your positive energy into something like spells can have a dramatic effect on the outcome. Good luck.


  8. Sigrune says:

    An short list which isn’t bad, but I am a bit…bored…with the same tired old lines trotted out. I am tired of the ‘no witch believes in Satan’ line though. There are Satanic witches just as there are Christians witches. No one group has the right to claim that word and no one as the right to deny others the title.

    Just because someone doesn’t like it does not mean it isn’t out there. There is no one size fits all. I do not follow the Rede or the rule of Three and I most certainly realize there is more to life than positive energy (there is some down right nasty stuff out there).

    The world is wonderful shades of gray and white and black and to take any of it out is to make the world dull.

    • Aldora says:

      Yes, believe whatever you want, you have the right to be a fairy princess too! Be as good/evil as you want, my list is short for a reason – I am sick of all the stereotype satanic evil that is associated with Witchcraft (to help make ratings go up so it’s not “boring” for some people). If people need extra stimulus then get away from the computer/tv and go create it.

      I did not get into the Christian/Satan subject as much as I wanted to because it opens up a big argument of who’s right/wrong. Religion is to blame for many of our worlds wars. My website is for those who don’t practice dark arts such as “Satanic Witches” & Devil worshippers, just made the point that I am not one of them, nor do I know or associate with anyone who practices it. If there is positive energy then there is certainly negative energy – project what you will, just have the intelligence to know what you are doing and the consequences that can follow.

      I hope that by creating this website it provides a helpful tool for those that need more positive influence brought into their lives. I’m sorry but the world would be a much more enjoyable place without the evil, killing, suicide, disasters, etc…if you consider that it’s just purely a form of entertainment?

      • Mark says:

        Thank you Aldora, I think what you are saying is correct and that you are trying to defeat the sterotype is great!

      • Sandra says:

        I understand wanting to get away from the stereotype, but Satanic witches do exist and I think it is kind of disrespectful to say they don’t in your article, even if this site “is for those who don’t practice dark arts.” I’m an eclectic witch, myself, and I don’t encourage Satanism, but I do find a way to educate people beyond the stereotypes without completely dismissing an entire religion.
        In your article, you seem to be grouping together Witchcraft and Wicca, when they are in fact quite separate. There are a lot of things that conflict with Wicca but still can effectively be applied to Witchcraft.

  9. Brook says:

    After reading this and several of the comments, I’m wondering is it possible to not be a “natural witch” and not be able to practice any of these things? Because I’ve wanted to my whole life and I’ve only just now started to become more dedicated to it, although I’m not sure which kind of specific practice to do. Is there any way to be sure about any of this? Thank you for your time and sorry about all of my questions and what not. :)

    • Aldora says:

      You can pick and choose what you want to be…you may not fit into any category. Don’t be swayed and feel like you have to do everything a certain type of witch does. Just practice what you want and you will grow over time. No pressure…have fun with it.

  10. Kenzie Roerk says:

    Hello. My name is McKenzie Roerk I am 14 and I was wondering if you could tell me if a witch can be closer to the goddess than the god? I usually send prayers to my goddess instead of the god of horns and i’m not sure why. I dream only of the goddess as well. I just feel closer to her. Is there anything you can tell me about why this is? Thank you and blessed be. :)

    • Aldora says:

      Hi McKenzie,
      There is no problem in feeling closer to the Goddess. You just associate better with the female gender, perhaps a mother/sister like figure? Call upon whoever you feel most comfortable with. It may change over time but just go with your feelings and keep your spirit flowing. Good Luck!
      Aldora :)

      • Mistress PantherNight says:

        Hi Mistress PantherNight here,
        I would like to add something to that this little discussion. I had a friend who also was a witch that i sometimes seeked advice from and i told her about how i feel more connected and only talk to a few gods and goddesses. Like Diana and Aphrodite. And for the God Prometheus. And my friend said, ” how its not right how i only, “acknowledge” only these gods and goddesses. That its like i ignore the rest.” Now i dont think that true at all, i only happen to feel connected and drawn to these dieties right now. And who knows maybe later on more gods and goddesses could show up in my practice. Because that happens, will call upon different types of gods/goddesses to help us with a certain situation or whatever. Or will feel called to work with a different gods/goddesses.

        Blessed be!

        • Aldora says:

          Yes MPN, you only call upon the Gods & Goddesses you are drawn to…and as you learn about them and do your research you will learn that each has their own specific powers and uses to call upon when you need them for spells.

          Blessings, Aldora.

  11. cheyenne says:

    how do you know if you are one?

    • Aldora says:

      You know…you would be studying about it, and doing rituals all on your own without even realizing it. You would have interests pertaining to healing, nature, metaphysical & mystical things.

      • Heather says:

        Hi there i have been reading all of your comments on this page and i have to say, i am very suprised there are so many “ways” and “practicing”! I dont claim to have any witch/wiccan background, but for some reason, lately this is all i think about! I havent fully read into anything, but my close friend is a psychic/medium and she has also studied several kinds of witchcraft and has been very helpful in explaining a lot! Anyways, I want to study more into it, but I am an adult does this make a difference? Do we have to start at a younger age? Also, what is myth and what is true in practicing etc? I have my reasons as of lately, why i want more to do with these ways! I was born, and raised as roman catholic, i dont necessarily have any “beliefs” I am fairly open to what i do believe, and you are bang on right when you say peoples “religious” beliefs are the main reason for all of the worlds’ wars and sorrows! Id appreciate a little input, thanks in advance!

        • Aldora says:

          Hi Heather,

          When you want answers and are eager to learn, read book, after book, after book on the subject. You are never too old to learn the craft. But in order to defend your right to choose who you want to be or worship, first educate yourself thoroughly in order to be able to defend yourself. Make sense? I choose to worship Mother Earth, Nature, Spirituality and the energies that bind us to it. When I say that religion has been the cause of many wars – that is a truth. People don’t want to admit it but it’s right there in the History books….Christianity was involved in violent wars & conflicts in Bosnia, Cote d’Ivoire, Cyprus, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Macedonia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Phillipines, Russia-Chechnya, Sudan and Uganda. (even though they break their own commandments in the Christian bible Exodus 22:2 – Thou Shalt Not Kill?) Don’t get me wrong… There is nothing wrong with any religion – everyone has the right to their own. It’s the act of forcing your religion upon others that causes conflict. So choose what’s right for you – find your own path.

          Blessed Journey’s

        • Priscilla says:

          Hello i believe i have the power of the psychic for alot of years i have dreams of ppl of family members one night and die the next i dont like knowing the ppl i love pass on soon i say and do things before they do. its like a warning sign i got. my mom says her mom had the same gift as i do cant contact her she is no longer alive.

  12. Chantelle says:

    Hello Aldora. I have been reading some things on your website and it has helped me out a lot. I have recently begun my journey a long this path in the last year and have become aware of certain gifts I have that I wish to develop. I’m drawn more towards the unconscious mind or spiritual world such as dreams and am also drawn to scrying and visualizations. I resonate most with the mountain and the healing properties she gives. I can understand her healing plants and herbs and use them but have a hard time working with Nature in the sense of growing and planting. WHich category would I follow under witch wise. Would it be hedge witch or green witch?

    • Aldora says:

      Thanks Chantelle…good to know!

    • Aldora says:

      You could be a combination of both…but you don’t necessarily have to fit into any category. The best witches are combinations of many types, and you may find over time you can completely change to different types – change can be a good thing, embrace it if it happens. Good luck with your journey and let the discovery of yourself be the greatest one!

  13. Angel says:

    i love this thank you

  14. Tibby Jachcas says:

    Hello my name is Tibby and I have a question, you see I fall towards a electric witch thats just me but is it ok if I don’t really do rituals? Thank you for your time

    • Aldora says:

      That’s the beauty of all the different Wiccan/Pagan Witch types, don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Be who you want to be :)

  15. Sara says:

    I’ve been dabbling into the craft for 10 years or so. I still haven’t found my way yet. I’m a 22 year old mom and really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to confuse my son, yet being a witch hasn’t left me or my thoughts even when I wasn’t a ‘devout’ follower. I love my mother moon. I love my nature. I love being a witch but I hate the modern ways. I don’t like ‘spells.’ I feel like I should be in a shack in the deep woods with a flowing white dress leading a circle of witches thanking nature, dancing carelessly (like my dreams) but instead I’m constantly butting heads or explaining myself to others. I’m torn. I don’t want Wicca, I’ve studied for years and I love the ideas just not the practice. I want old magick. What should I do? Where should I go from here?

    • Aldora says:

      Sara, just keep being you and grow with the Wiccan ways. As long as you teach your son the basic rules of harm none and love mother nature he will be just fine and adapt to the life you provide. The beauty of Pagan/Wiccan is that you don’t have to do spell/ritual work if you don’t want to. I’m not into the Wicca rituals myself. I pour my talents into the earth, I raise my own chickens and have fresh eggs, I wildcraft (picking wild herbs) collect wild mushrooms, photograph nature, and pour my magic into food creations in the kitchen. I feel more connected with Mother Nature now more than ever when I practiced Wicca in my early years. I use a great deal of herbs and make concoctions – to naturally heal ailments. To me that’s old magick more than anything else. Spend some time getting into meditation with some good energy crystals and focus on yourself and the answers will come to you…let me know if there’s any other way I can help.

      BTW – I love to be in the white gown, deep in the woods, dancing carefree too…and I take the time to visit the woods, often!

  16. Janel says:

    I am seeing other withc types and have always felt lost in a realm of spirits that keep trying to guide me. It looks like I fall under the celtic or eclectic type but was curious as to the Grey witch and the white witch. Is there another site that goes in to further details that you may know of?

    • Aldora says:

      A google search is all I can recommend – The white witch is the basic Wiccan way. I personally have never heard of a Grey Witch?

  17. Janel says:

    I should add to my comment since I also didn’t see the definition of Celtic in here either but I assume it’s under the Green witch possibly?

    • Aldora says:

      There are many histories and backgrounds which I didnt’ touch on as it would over complicate my site. Norse, Egyptian, Druidism & etc… Celtic Neopaganism, Celtic witchcraft is not something I’ve not touched on a lot as it is very similar to all Pagan/Wiccan crafts. As its basis, a strong sense of spirituality and a love of the earth using Goddesses and Gids, who play a strong role in Celtic worship. The Celtic religion recognizes two main deities; the Earth Mother Goddess and the Horned God, same basic Wiccan rituals etc… To me…this is very close to everyday Wiccan as it’s very close to all Pagan/Wiccan beliefs. Each person who is interested in Paganism will follow a basic set of guidelines, but will adapt the rituals and spells to suit her/himself.

  18. Pablini says:

    Hello there I’m a new witch in training and I would sure love someone to guide me to find my true power. My father told me stories of my ancestors communicating with spirits but that’s all he really ever told me please help me. Thanks a bunch

    • Aldora says:

      Merry meet Pablini! My only guide for you can be reading…read everything, then read it again! It takes at least 2 years of studying about the craft and what you want to adapt from the types of Witches you want to take as your own. The info on my site will have to be enough of a guide for it’s all I can do to help you. I am a solitary witch with a full time job :)

      Blessed Be, Aldora

  19. Francesca says:

    How do i know im a witch?
    Can i be born a witch?
    I feel very strongly that i am, i jut im new and dont know how this all works..

  20. AmbiCloud says:

    I’m in a bit of a spot. I can’t bring myself to claim any specific title or lable. I’m experienced and comfortable with it too, it’s very personal to me so not many know, and if they do, I just let them think as they wish (good folk, no worries). The issue I have is that I have a daughter and I have always planned to teach her, but wanted to be sure she would be responsible. Now certain family members have told her quiet literally that she was a wizard. So she ran around telling everyone that she’s a wizard and our family is a bunch of wizards! So, we talked and I have agreed to start teaching her ( she’s 8). This is were my conundrum is founded. I have spent years learning, since about her age, and I don’t want to tell her what to believe, but how to believe. I don’t what to tell her. Are we just wiccans? Neopagans? I used to say agnostic but people kept assuming I was an atheist. Some advice would be super. Sorry for the long talk businesses, I don’t do this online advice thing well I suppose.

    • Aldora says:

      HI AmbiCloud,

      I understand your position, as I have children myself. I am a solitary Witch, and raised my own with the Wiccan holidays/Wheel of the year and moon phases etc…however I kept all my other things like spells, chants, and other more private things to myself. It’s all up to you and how you feel. It is hard to “come out”, and let people around you know what you are and what your belief’s are..as people are not as accepting as we would like them to be. Do lot’s of reading and research about all the types of Wiccan/Pagan religions out there – there are plenty and you will find one that fit’s – you’ll know it when you find it! I’d have to personally know you to be able to help catagorize you. Good luck finding yourselves :)

      Blessings, Aldora

  21. Sergio says:

    Hello Aldora, I’m the only boy out of my two oldest sisters I’m 14 and and I am positive that we are witches! I also think my mother and grandmother are too. We have each been given a so called great power can you help?

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Sergio, explain your great power? Make sure you read & research. Keep in mind the rule of 3! You are very young and have to be careful of the decisions you make. Give it some time :)

      Blessings, Aldora.

      • Sergio says:

        Weather Aldora all I can say is weather. It gets worse with the winds. I need your help. I have a great great grandmother who is half African American and half French so I have an idea of where this gift originated. I’ve done research on shamans and witches and I think my great great grandmother was associated with the powers of weather. Most people think I joke around and my mother thinks I’m crazy but I know I’m “different”

  22. Saraia says:

    Hi, great article, I recently shared part of it on my Tumblr blog about the types of witches and many people went ballistic! Because of the “satanic witches don’t exist” Someone called me a “bitch witch”, said it was utter nonsense etc.
    What is most disturbing to me is that they are being so judgmental. Everyone is allowed to believe in what they believe and I can’t understand why they would be so outraged because you said satanic witches don’t exist. We get so much criticism from people on the “outside” that we shouldn’t be squabbling with our own.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Saraia,

      Some people just watch too much tv, movies etc…media has brainwashed them with all the make believe. Don’t let it get to you, be strong and don’t let anyone judge your beliefs. To each his own, and don’t forget the rule of 3. Karma will touch them eventually :)

      Blessings, Aldora ;)

  23. Ryn says:

    Thank you for your perspective. I’ve been working to break free of my mental conditioning and this is very helpful. It’s been a long time coming for me to finally admit to myself what it was that I wanted to focus my attention and energy on. <3

  24. karissa says:

    Hi aldora, I am writing out of frustration. I am 23 this year and I have been trying to figure out where I “belong” its been frustrating for me because I can’t seem to find out where. I have always felt interested in witchcraft, I have been able to communicate with people who have past away through my dreams, I stand outside and feel complete wholeness, I feel 100% connected to the earth, I could lay in a forrest and feel completed. Kind of strange but its how I feel. I was raised catholic but never ventured out simply because of fear of what i have been taught. I simply dont know where to start to finding where I belong in this culture. What do you recommend for someone like me? I truely need some help I’m confused. Thank you very much

    • Aldora says:


      Don’t let your age distract you. I started Wicca at the age of 17 and didn’t fully find myself or knew where I fit until I was 40. It’s a journey that takes time and patience – something you never want to rush into. It’s the beauty about the craft – it will find you! All I can suggest is read all you can that interests you, take everything you were taught about the church growing up and put it on a shelf in your mind for the time being, so you can see clearly. Open your aura, clear any negativity from your life and it will flow through you.

      Blessings, Aldora

  25. karissa says:

    Thank you so much for replying! I guess I am more confused on what I should read on, or where to begin, thank you

    • Mistress PantherNight says:

      Hi Karissa,

      Mistress PantherNight here, My advice would be to start at the very beginning. Meaning research: witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism. Start with the history of them all. See which one calls to you or what you are drawn to. Just keep researching really, because there is always something to learn.

      I hope this helps a little. Blessed be!

  26. Felicia says:

    Hello Aldora,

    I am 17 and I just started two weeks ago to learn about many traditions such as: wicca, witchcraft, and paganism. I do consider myself to be between kitchen and eclectic witch. Not sure yet obviously haha. I have a boyfriend who left the wiccan life but taught me or say clarified things for me while I was reading a lot about these things. I already started a small notebook to keep my notes of what is what. I still haven’t found my god and goddess as there are so many and I want to make sure I choose the one that seems closest. My boyfriend told me I am jumping into things too soon which is true. I just want to shove all the knowledge in my head and begin! But I’m not. I still have problems to meditate but I know patience + positivity is key. I mean I just started and there’s long ways to go. Which means more studying! I don’t know why I am ranting about this on here. I just want help, like a teacher. I have much more to say but I should stop haha. Sorry for such a long comment.
    Blesses be.

    • Felicia says:

      Blessed be*

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Felicia, Sounds like you’re doing the right thing….read, read, read & take notes. Don’t forget to step back and let it be from time to time so you don’t lose focus on other things. You are young and shouldn’t commit so much time, so fast. It takes years, and living life in between helps shape the Wiccan you will become. Good luck with your journey :)

      Blessings, Aldora

  27. German says:

    What kind of witch are you?
    Do you think being a green witch is good ?

    • Aldora says:

      My answer as per quoted from my “Aldora’s Tab”…(btw, a green witch is very good)

      I am Solitary as I practice my Pagan religion as an individual, rather than as a member of a larger organization. I take Eclectic meaning that I have been shaped and molded by numerous other traditions. I believe all things are interconnected and that the earth is sacred. Every being has the freedom of choice and is solely responsible for the positive and negative consequences of those choices. A Kitchen Witch as my magical tools can be found in my kitchen, my cooking is magically delicious and have studied Herbalism for decades, I garden and Wildcraft my own herbs, therefore I can I identify as a Green Witch. I am connected to my Gypsy Heritage as I have great intuition for readings. So I must be an Eclectic Solitary Pagan Gypsy Green Kitchen Witch?

  28. Wolfa says:

    I am fourteen and just now starting witchcraft. My friend thinks that the practice makes your soul turn black and get destroyed. Her mother is witch and she thinks that I will turn out to be evil just like her mom. I really want to be a wiccan, but I don’t know what to tell my friend. Do you have any suggestions? I also wanted to know if you did any spells when you were my age without your parents finding out.

    • Aldora says:

      Unfortunately your friend has had a bad experience with Witchcraft. I’m sorry to hear her mother is “evil” though a lot of teen girls do not get along with their mothers no matter if they are a witch or not. Wicca is nothing but positive influence, if there is such negative feelings coming from your girlfriend…If you are serious about what you want – then you know what you have to do. Find another friend. Wiccan’s have to seek out positive influences, negativity will drown you. Chin up…you have many years of self discovery to come.

      Blessings, Aldora

  29. Michi says:

    Satanic witches most definitely do exist. It doesn’t mean witchcraft is inherently the worship of satan it means many Satanists (whether atheistic or theistic) choose to practice a form of witchcraft.
    I know of at least 3 satanists who also consider themselves to be witches.
    And no many satanists are not “Evil” in fact some believe “God” is the evil one. Satanism/Wicca are religions Witchcraft is a practice. Jew-Witches and Christian Witches exist as well.
    It doesn’t help to break down the stereotype by lying or claiming “Person with religion X cannot be a witch cuz that’s not what witches do” If you do not want to bring up the topic of satan then don’t mention it at all. While yes the idea that we eat babies and signing the devils book or false, the idea that satanic witches do not exist is also very false.

    More info here if you are interested read here:http://madammichi.deviantart.com/art/Witchcraft-416331272

    This specific comment may be eye-opening: http://comments.deviantart.com/1/416331272/3289795408

    • Aldora says:

      Umm…sorry, No,..I’m saying they don’t exist in MY Pagan world! Satan, or the Devil, has absolutely no place in Wicca or Witchcraft. The worship of Satan is the practice of profaning Christian symbolism and is thus a Christian heresy, rather than a Pagan religion. The Goddess and God of the Witches are in no way connected to Satanic practices. Satan, or the Devil, is a Christian creation and they are more than welcome to keep him. Witchcraft, overall, is very tolerant of other religious views, and does not engage itself in criticizing the beliefs of other people, providing that their beliefs do not violate the basic tenant of “Harm None.” The whole premise of our belief system is based on living in harmony with all things that exist. Be whatever you want to be, practice whatever you want to practice – if you want to call yourself Wiccan – then follow the means of the Wiccan ways…It is a dedication made to nature, the deities and yourself. It is a way of life, and as such we are mindful of the balance between ourselves and all things within the universe at all times – in a POSITIVE light. So to sum it up for you, Wiccan’s do not recognize Satan or any other all-evil supernatural entity!

  30. Mistress PantherNight says:

    I think the Type of Witch i am is Eclectic. I have looked up and searched other types of witches and types of tradition and none have really fitted me. So the closest label or name i call myself is a Eclectic Wiccan Witch. I’m still a bit new on this path and still have alot to learn but the one thing i do know is to go off of what i believe and feel drawn to and what feels right to me.

  31. Armstrong says:

    I was cursed at 12 years old.. I never believed it till a lady came and found me I had no idea who she was but everything she told me was spot on… I was born of a lucky star? Can you explain what a lucky star is and why they would curse me? She says I have a special gift but I have no idea what it is and I am terrified… Can you please help me?

    • Aldora says:

      I don’t believe in luck. There are millions of people born under a “lucky” star. Everything happens for a reason, and we are responsible for the paths we choose and our own destinies. I believe in Positive and Negative powers…positive may be mistaken for luck. If you are positive and do good, you draw it to yourself and may perceive this as “luck”? Don’t be terrified, no need to be. If you have any special gift it may be perception, tune into it. Why you were cursed I have no idea, and by who?? Could be just a scare tactic, don’t believe everything you hear. Be yourself and choose a path that is right for you, be strong and don’t let anyone push you down a path you don’t want to travel.


  32. Ashley kobilis says:

    Do you choose to be a witch/Wiccan or are you born with it? And if so how would you know if you are one?

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Ashley, think of it like a religion…you can be raised into believing in it, or adapt it into your life later on. Only you can choose who and what you want to be. If you can relate to most things Wiccan, then you most likely have at least a connection.

      Blessings, Aldora

  33. Ashley kobilis says:

    Hi again. I was wondering if you believed in anything else other than witch magic like shapeshifters or any other type of things like vampires or fallen stuff like that’s? And what do you know else exists ?

    • Aldora says:

      No, I don’t believe in those things…

      • amber says:

        Hello, I am 15 and just starting out. I was wondering if you could help me. I want to become a witch, but I also have a strong belief in God. And my family is also very Pentecostal, so I don’t know about telling them. And I also was wondering what tips you might have for beginners like myself. I could just use some advice because I’m at a loss of what to do or how to start.

        • Aldora says:

          Can you be a Christian witch? Well, maybe, but that’s a matter for you to decide for yourself. Again, the witches probably don’t care what you do, but your pastor may be less than thrilled. Do lots of reading before making any decisions or before you come out to anyone. I would suggest that you may want to look into some of the writings of Christian mystics, or perhaps the Gnostics, for some ideas on how to incorporate magical systems into the Christian framework. If you belong to a religion that does have injunctions against magic and witchcraft, and you are concerned about the state of your soul as a result of magical practices, you should speak to your pastor or minister about these issues. Ultimately, you are the only one who can determine whether a magical life is right for you or not.

          Good luck and blessings,

  34. Gail says:

    Hello! This is a lovely blog post, and I’ve recently discovered the ideas of paganism and witchcraft and I am enchanted. I’ve been doing research and found a few things on sea witches but not much. Do you know anything about sea witches specifically, and do you have any good book reccomendations for someone who is intrested? Thank you very much (:

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Gail, Sea Witches…ahhh, lovely topic! For Witch’s that feel a close connection to water…

      Quoted from the Seawitch.org.(a great site to learn from) “The Sea Witch tradition is associated with seafarers and beachcombers. Sea Witches focus on Moon lore, the tides, and practical weather magicks. The Sea Witch works with what is termed ‘grey magick’ to maintain a balance of light and dark. It is definitely not a path for everyone. In fact, most Sea Witches are solitary, as few others enjoy the isolation of a sun-bleached cottage on a wind-swept seacoast. Sea magick is magick involving the element of Water, usually performed at the seashore. If you do not live on the coast, this type of magick is quite flexible, so your local lake, river, pond, or bathtub will work in a pinch. Even placing a bowl of salt water on your altar, with the proper intentions, is sufficient for performing sea magick.
      What kinds of spells can one do with sea magick? Any type, but the materials used (spell components) will be sea-related. With a little reworking, a pinch of sea salt works in place of regular salt, and the types of seaweed and shells available constitute entire languages of their own.

      There are several types of magick that are usually associated with sea magick. Since most precipitation is water-related, weather magick is a form of sea magick. In earlier days, sea witches were expected to control the weather for seafarers so they could have a safe voyage. Moon magick is another type of sea magick, as the Moon controls the sea’s tides. Mirror magick is a little-practiced derivation of moon magick, and is also considered a form of sea magick.”

      Blessings on your Journey,

  35. Shyanne says:

    Hello Aldora! I have been intrigued by the practice of Witchcraft. I have only been practicing for about 6 months, but I feel this is the right path for me. I soecialize in healing, and using herbs for their magick properties. And I do believe in the Three-Fold Law. I think I would be considered an Electic Witch, but since I prefer to use herbs, I think I might be a Green Witch. Can you help me determine which Witch I would be considered? Thank You for any help you can give me.

    Blessings to you.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Shyanne, You can be a bit of both or combined. I am several myself. They are just categories and you don’t necessarily have to fit into one. Be whatever feels natural to you and expand from there ;)

      Blessings, Aldora

  36. James says:

    I was wondering how long you have been a witch just out of curiosity. I have been practicing elemental, fae, ascension and cosmic magick for quite some time and near developing a new gift of sensing the energies even their colors which brings me to the second question. Do you know any helpful methods as to finding a familiar? Im looking around from other references seeing if I could obtain the knowledge then apply the principals or inspiration to my personal search. Any info would help greatly if you know. Thank you and blessed be.

    • Aldora says:

      I’ve been a Wiccan for 27 years. Sounds like you are approaching a higher level of the craft. Being a solitary witch / wiccan I don’t personally know any methods to help you with your next journey. It almost sounds like you need to search out a coven for guidance, or another elder that has what you are looking for. I am more into the Green/kitchen witch these days, more to do with earth magic than anything else…good luck with your journey.

      Blessings, Aldora

  37. )0( says:

    I am still unsure of wt path to choose. I wouldn’t class my self as a wiccan. I love nature, divination, and mediumship. I do believe in many gods/goddesses but mostly on father sky, mother earth, grandfather Sun and grandmother moon. And also fire, wind, earth, water and spirit. My mum is fine with it all but my dad hates it he calls it fake and a con. He makes fun of my beliefs, my great auntie (a psychic medium artist) and my grandmas healing and reiki (she’s going to teach me soon) . Is there anyway to make him accept mine and my family’s beliefs. My mum’s side is Roma gypsy. Blessed be! Xxx

    • Aldora says:

      Nope…there is no way to make someone else okay with what you believe. My father still is not okay with it and I’m 43. When your old enough to live on your own you can believe whatever you want to believe and live life how you chose to live it. You cannot go through life believing in what others tell you what to believe in,…good luck with your journey and stay strong! When your father is around, keep your thoughts to yourself.

      Blessings, Aldora

  38. Jonathan says:

    Hi. I am a male 16 year old and I have a few questions. I wish to to know the difference between a female witch and a male witch(I think they are called something else). And I also want to know if there is a type of witchcraft that can allow me to help people and punish people(within good reason of course). Any ideas?

    • Jonathan says:

      Oh and I love nature and fire to.

    • Aldora says:

      I’m not able to help you with any type of revenge witchcraft. There are rules you must follow for spells and invoking…the rule of three. Read more, and when you think you’ve read enough – research some more! You need years of it to come before you can truly know who you want to be.

  39. Jonathan says:

    Last one….I also wish to follow either Hecate or Selene(both are goddesses) which one would be best?

    • Aldora says:

      You should follow whoever suits you best at the time…you never have to follow just one. They are all there to support you. For example if I’m doing a powerful spell with herbs and family in mind on a full moon, I would draw the power of Hecate. If I was doing a spell of love magic, or during the sun or half moon I would call on Selene. Each one has special powers to aid you in whatever you need.

      Good Luck, Aldora

  40. snowflake12 says:

    hi i’m snowflake12 i need some help i kind of screwed up i always knew i was differrent but never had the curage to tell my mom but then one day i did and i found out that i had my powers from her that it was past down. you see the reason i told i screwed up is because i once realized an evil spirit and now it’s haunting me i tried to seal it back into it”s toom but i can’t do it without my sister (my best friend who is like a sister to me) i can’t do the spell it all happend 2 years ago i didn’t know what i was back then so i came up with this stupid idea to go to a cemetery and so we did but then i told her let’s call the famous ghost out and we did and it work 2 months later she apered to me at my birthday in the middle of the night she was so scary she was just floating on the ceiling, starring at me her name is countess from apertin please help me

    • Aldora says:

      Sorry Snowflake12, this is not the type of thing I can help you with. I don’t believe in dark witchcraft, nor do I support it’s practise.

  41. Scotteh says:

    I am 16 years old. I have viking heritage and believe in the old gods. I consider myself a Eclectic Witch if anything for i bring many things into my magic mostly with green magic though i have crossed into the dark arts in my weak moments. My aunt is a green witch as well,she told me after a year of me doing witchcraft. I have a small group of friends who study magic just as myself but i fear to them its a game for none of them believe in the gods as i do.im not to sure but a few of them say they practice without the gods.but i find it hard to believe because dosn’t power come from the gods and whats around us? Dont you need the gods to really do anything? Also I noticed the old gods i worship are spoken about in a lot of books i have read for Wicca. i was wondering if you could elaborate for me. i believe there are many gods and goddesses and there are no wrong ones but im not sure if the gods i worship and common Wicca gods are the same.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Scotteh,

      The Gods and Goddesses are there to draw upon when you feel you need them. I find most magick is drawing upon your own powers and thoughts of positivity VS negativity. For example if there is something you really want you can easily draw it to yourself with chants and meditating with positive thoughts and wishes. Envisioning that it is yours and setting that goal (you can call upon the gods for help but you don’t have to) – it’s a personal choice. Most people get into the Wiccan/Witchcraft when they are young, only a very small percentage will continue on the Devine path the rest of their lives.

      Hope this helps,
      Blessings Aldora :)

  42. Scotteh says:

    also i need some insight on something. i believe in other realms with other things in it. my other witch friends make fun of me for it. like Draconic magic . I dont believe i can summon a dragon out of thin air and have him fight for me but i believe in another realm i have a dragon watcher who can give me strength but i get made fun of a lot for it. i figured someone whos been studying as long as you might be able to give me some input. i know it sounds stupid, and it probibly just sounds like some kid who like fantasy games but its not. i dont think so at least

    • Aldora says:

      You can believe in whatever you want to believe in…they are just making fun of what they know nothing about to deal with their own insecurities. (That is what the weaker of the human species does). It’s like a Placebo effect, if you truly believe that you have a Dragon Watcher and you draw strength from that – then don’t stop believing in it. The minute you do, that inner strength you’ve found may dis-appear. Draw upon those feelings and you will find you can accomplish anything (FYI – ignore your friends and keep your thoughts to yourself, as some people just don’t understand). Keep up the excellent work and stay positive!

      Blessings, Aldora :)

      • Scotteh says:

        Thank you so much this has helped a lot. :) may the gods help you in your endeavors. an yeah maybe i was too open with everyone haha

  43. Coco says:

    Hi there,
    I have noticed something different about myself ever since I was about 12 years old. For the first few years I lived in denial, and ignored what I experienced, saw, heard and felt, I was also still in a more Christian belief system but from 12 onward, could feel that it just was neither me nor for me. With the dreams I had, and the depth of what I would remember, and how intense they were, it all started, however, soon, I also noticed other stuff, made comments in which people looked at me with disbelief, almost sideways, I got confused and odd responses as a kid, teenager and often still as an adult. I was always very drawn to nature, always had a fascination for nature, mother earth, the spiritual magical realm and the unexplainable and I was always drawn to herbs and herbology as well as the human body and human psyche.
    I grew up in a naturopathic, homeopathic house hold and, by the looks of it, come from a long line of sensing emotions, thoughts, feelings, often saying things out loud or predicting, sometimes things that are almost impossible to know. When I confronted my parents, they said it’s just a natural instinct- but when someone -leaving out the fact they are parents, are right 90% of the time, I highly doubt that is natural or human. My partner used to often complain about him being unable to fool me, (pardon my language) bullshit me and lie to me. He says i see right through him and know him better than he knows himself, and he often teases me about my senses and predictions, sometimes foretelling. All of this started to be really intense as of about 3 years ago.
    I just started working and researching more with all of this and found that the ‘psychic self’ is an excellent book and has answered a ton of my questions, very well. However, I found myself to be a mix of various paths and areas of the craft- problem though- despite being able to subconsciously tap into my talents and potential, i find it almost impossible to consciously work with my talents and potential- and find myself having a block that i have no idea how to break and how to diminish. A friend of mine thinks it is the stress that adds to the block and solidifies it- what is your view point on the whole thing?

    • Aldora says:

      Coco, I think you have found a path to the Divine for sure and your friend is probably right about the stress of life blocking your energy. Introduce meditation to your daily routine and have some Zen time just for you to cleanse your aura and self. It’s very important to stay focused so you are sharp as a tack! It sounds like you know what to do already, good luck with your journey.

      Blessings, Aldora

  44. Agrona says:

    Hello, I’m new to the site and have a couple of questions and although an email may be a better option to have an adiquate back and forth, I’d like to first know your thoughts on how the moon under which we are born this time effects how our gifts represent themselves. Hope to hear from you soon, and until next time…
    Blessed be

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Agrona,

      I personally am not that in depth about where the moon and stars were aligned during my birth, nor do I think it has much relevance to the outcome of your life. I love astrology, but for me it’s all about the placebo effect of positive thinking and intuition that has a real consequences on lives. For example, if someone says – oh you were born on the night of a full harvest moon and in doing so it will bring you bad luck and you will have many obstacles in your life….then you may just bring them on by subconsciously thinking about it all the time and not even give yourself a chance. The power of suggestion is a well known tactic for influencing others. So in short, I use the moon for it’s power. The rotation of the Earth, along with the moon’s gravitational pull, causes ocean tides to change. The human body is made up of 50-65% water so I do believe it affects us and has power to utilize.

      I don’t think it was the answer you were looking for but it’s my thoughts…


  45. Dawn says:

    Hi, I need help. I don’t believe that a person is born into black magic, I think that based on ones abilities and beliefs they choose light or dark. The problem is that I have abilities that I think may be dark.
    -The ability to persuade people, manipulation
    – Something I call the ‘Glare’ people get scared when I give it to them and I don’t like it
    – The ability to influence the emotion field of those around me
    – Attraction. Like extreme Aphrodite stuff when I turn it on

    The thing is, I don’t just have the abilities to do those bad things. I think I could be a very good white witch.
    -Extreme empathy towards animals
    – If I put quite a bit of effort I can make plants grow larger and bloom for longer

    I want to be good, but if I’m destined for good then why do I have such bad abilities? I have tried to not use them, in an effort to seal them off but then they bust out and it feels wrong. I’ve tried healing them out of me with different things. I know I’m a witch but I need guidance. I’ve read book after book and still fail to find an answer. I also live in a very closed off town (small town in the bible belt of USA) and there are no others here that practice. I feel like I need a real Elder or a person to help me, I want to be light but how can I be if it seems I’m destined to dark? Please help me

    • Aldora says:

      Everyone that has the power to do good also has the power to do bad. It’s mind over matter and the power within to control yourself. Anyone can learn to manipulate someone and be good at it if they practise enough – it doesn’t mean you have to choose to be that way. Only you know what’s going on inside your own mind. Always remember, whatever you do comes back to you threefold. Do good things and good things will happen. Keep doing bad and it will catch up to you and take you down x3 of what you put out. If that’s not reason enough I don’t know how else to convince you. Be more conscious of what you’re doing and what energies you are giving off. If you are young, late teens early twenties – that “glare” you have will go away with maturity. I’ve known many of the younger generation that has that look. The abilities you mention all are used for doing good things – you have just chosen to use them for bad. You may be influenced by the bible belt that you live within that labels all witches as bad and maybe you’re subconsciously doing it to yourself. Whatever the answer may be there are others out there. Give it time. I struggled with it for 20 years before I was able to be who I was meant to be.

      Good luck and Blessings,

      • Dawn says:

        I can’t think of a way to use it for good. Isn’t manipulation dark on its own? I know the 3X rule and I try to hold to it as much as possible, it just comes out sometimes. It’s good to know the glare will go away, I’m 17. Could I just learn new talents? I want to be as good of a witch as possible so it would be great if I could learn to heal or maybe something else. I don’t know what type of witch I am, it’s just sort of raw power and I wish I could use it to help people but I guess I have to wait until the blessed 18 so I can move to a place where I can get more one on one guidance. But Questions;
        – Is the Attraction considered dark? (I only use it on my significant other, never on anyone else because that would be cheating on them)
        – Are there any really good Wicca or Witchcraft books that you recommend as a good sort of textbook?
        – Do you know of any covens around Tennessee? Or any in the US that I could correspond with?
        – How can I stop the manipulation from coming out?
        – Is there a way that I can cleanse myself once I find out how to use it for good (or stop using it altogether) so I have no lingering darkness?
        – Off subject but do you know any herbs/recipies/whatnot that will help with breathing? I have really bad asthma…
        – Should I hold off on trying anything until I move out?
        – Another off subject but are familiars real?

        I would appreciate it a lot if you could answer all of this for me, or if you can’t to direct me to something/someone who can.


        • Stephanie says:

          Ok Dawn, here is one bit of information that may help you and I’m sure Aldora will agree…everything has a price. Whatever you do on purpose or by accident, will cost you in one way or another. Just ask yourself ” Am I willing to pay whatever price the Goddess will ask of me, for doing this?” The best story I have to explain this is, I had a friend who insisted I help him cast a spell to improve his financial situation. We did cast it and not too long after he was in a horrible car wreck. He died 3 times at the hospital and they brought him back but he was never able to work again. He did get a lot of money for the wreck but he paid for it by being in pain every day for the rest of his life. As he neared his death he became hateful and mean toward his loved ones.
          Also think about what you are doing to the people you are charming. Long term, what might happen to them because of this? Our gifts from the Goddess are serious responsibilities that we cannot misuse. As far as cleansing yourself, I have a daily routine that I do where I attune myself to the earth, thank the Goddess for everything I have and pray that I am worthy of her on this day. Some simply call this meditation, but whatever you call it, it does help you have more control.
          A good herb for breathing issues is Echinacea, you can pick it up in pill form where vitamins are sold but a fresher, better form can be found at your local herb or “natural” store.
          I hope all this helps, and I hope that Aldora doesn’t mind my offering my two cents worth.
          Blessed Be

  46. Savannah says:

    Any advise for someone who has family that is totally against wicca? I’m 20 years old now, and come from a family of strict Christians. The one time I brought it up to my twin sister she jumped down my throat about me being on a one track road to hell. And if I brought it up to my mother, she would probably tie me down and get me exorcised. She does not believe that one who comes from a Christian family can believe in something else (apparently religion is genetic). It makes practicing my beliefs considerably harder, especially since my sister found my Book of Shadows (thankfully it was locked). I guess it’s just hard to be a black sheep in a flock of white sheeps.

    • Aldora says:

      In your case Savannah, It really bothers me to say it as it should be a freedom of choice for what you choose individually to believe in. But you will have to wait until you are truly on your own and moved out from under the same roof you share with your Christian family. Just to keep the peace if they are that closed minded about what others should believe. That way there is no harm to anyone (including yourself) when you are living under your own roof it will be much easier to practice your own beliefs and then you can choose whether or not to share them with the outside world. Baby steps first, good luck :)

      Blessings, Aldora

  47. Stephanie says:

    I wanted to thank you for your website. I have learned a great deal and still rely on your site to select stones or gain other information. For instance I never quite knew how to describe my beliefs and practices to my friends but with your help I have managed to discern that I am a “Kitchen Witch” though I have always just told my friends that I am Wiccan. Now I have found a way to explain, just a little better, what I am all about. Again I thank you for all you do for us and I will be returning often to your site.

    • Aldora says:

      Thank you Stephanie! That is exactly what I built this site to do, act as an informative guide to help all creative people. I’m so glad you use it often. Thank you for your insight into Dawn’s question – I completely agree with your answer, thanks for taking the time to write it :)

      Blessings, Aldora

  48. Juana Claudia says:

    If I performed Astral Travelling, can I consider myself as a Hedge Witch?

    • Aldora says:

      Any type of Witch or other can perform Astral Travel, it’s all the other things like Herbalism, nursing healing tendancies and charms that label someone a Hedge Witch.

      Blessings, Aldora

  49. Tiffany says:

    I was just told by my nana that I am a Wiccan. She wanted to wait to tell me till I was older so I could decide I wanted this lifestyle. She never followed in her mothers steps nor said anything to my dad. I am lost and need help.

    • Aldora says:

      You just may be a Wiccan but it seems that you think it’s not a good thing? Only you can decide what you want to be. Maybe your grandmother see’s the same gifts in you that she has, like how you can easily be one with nature. Who knows what it is she see’s in you. Just read as much as you can before you decide what path you would like to choose.

      Blessings, Aldora

  50. Lainey Gonzalez says:

    I thank you very much for this website! You see me and my friend would like to start practicing witch craft and be witches, would that be possible to happen? If yes then will things actually work? And what are the steps to becoming a witch like what do we have to do? Thank you and I apologize for so many questions I’m just curious on this and would be very ecstatic to become a witch and begin these practices with my friend. Hop you are having a nice day! Also do you have to be wiccan to practice witch craft and be a witch? Thank you very much for your help on my studies!!

    • Aldora says:

      You don’t have to be Wiccan to be a Witch, however it’s not like taking up knitting…Read everything you can find about becoming a witch. It’s a lifetime of practising and challenges. Nothing to take lightly.

      Blessings, Aldora

  51. April says:

    Is there such a thing a Celestial Witch?

    • Aldora says:

      Yes, a witch that practices Astrology and has the belief that the knowledge of the apparent relative positions of celestial bodies can be useful in understanding and interpreting individuals’ personalities, human affairs and other terrestrial matters, and the use of celestial placements to explain past and present events and to predict the future.

  52. Rachel says:

    Hello, Aldora.

    I’m 15 and I’m very interested in Pagan/Wiccan practices. I buy crystals, books about crystals/paganism, ect. I just don’t know where to start, if that makes sense. I also don’t know which category I best fit in. I love the idea of using crystals, herbs, and such, but I just have no clue how to start out. Can you help? Also, I adore your blog. <3

    • Aldora says:

      HI Rachel,

      Your doing exactly what you need to…read everything that interests you. The thing about Wicca is you don’t fit into a category until you have lived and learned. I’ve been doing the same since I was 15 – I didn’t “fit” into a category until I was 40. There is no rush, that’s the beauty of it. Read and research…best of luck.

      Blessings, Aldora

  53. Taylor says:

    Hi my name is Taylor i just turned 18 on july 26th i just learned about the existence of wicca 2 weeks ago so keep that in mind while you read the next very long story.

    When I was 9 i was contacted by my past life. Her name was Alyce now i am gunna tell you a quick story about her. First when i turned 16 she gave me a gift this gift was all of her memories all her knowledge anyways. Alyce was very powerful and lived during the burning times (i think early burning times when all witches hid to save there lives) one day when Alyce was about 16 3 men that were each badly wounded the nurses said non of them would make it. Alyce fell in love with the most wounded his name was Alexzander. She healed him and with each encounter he grew stronger and fell in love with her. Alyces father did not approve of this romance of fear of losing his daughter to the hunt. He owned a beautiful meadow and a victorian house like mansion and had a stone fountain in the front (more a spring with stone built around it) there were balls and a gazebo beautiful. Anyways. When Alyce was 18 her and Alexzander tried to run away because Alyce became pregnant and couldn’t live without Alexzander. I don’t know what killed them all i do know is. As Alyce and Alexzander fall to the ground bleeding to death from wounds to both there abdomens Alyce uses dark magic to bound and mix there souls. Her soul was gold became gold with a core of silver Alexzanders Silver with a core of gold. I am the 12 reincarnated. She also put a curse on our soul when she did that said if by age 18 the souls haven’t met then my soul will rot and demons will come to make sure that the form her soul exists in killes its self. I have 10 past lived that didnt find the other soul and killed themselves (none nice) i astral body relived each one of their deaths. The difference in each one of those 10 and Alyce and I is that in order for there soul to exist in that life time they had to kill and absorb a new soul while it was being formed right before life in it’s mother. I can call on all 11 of them and can take my astral form to them. I met my boyfriend when i was 16 i explained my all that to him and when i met a new one i told him about them. He knew about wicca and thought i did to because of my adept control of each element and my ability over energy manipulation. I also have what my past lives call “the sight” i can see peoples astral forms and can see where anyone has ever put energy even without meaning. I have Astral form connected with my boyfriend and let him see the world how i see it. I showed him my soul and then let him hold his. I also can project multiple small wisp life forms of my astral body into people dark inner worlds (with permission always) to help save pieces of their soul and astral bodies that have been lost and consumed by our inner darkness so they can make peace with those past memories and not die inside. When i found out about wicca he was really surprised cause all that i knew and could already do so much. I also have a cat familiar and my boyfriends is a wolf. About a week and a half ago i got a book called complete course in wicca ive been reading it and it speaks of apprenticeships and the process of learning for 1 year and a day. Before initiation. But i just feel i need someone to know why i picked wicca and to help me kinda sort it out … Cause i seem a little more adept than what the book speaks of. Also my mom is a physic but also Christian she doesn’t know any of this cause she can’t read me.

    • Aldora says:

      That is extremely deep Taylor. Unfortunately I can’t help you as I would need to personally know you for me to make any kind of comment on what’s involved here. Learn as much as you can and just remember to stay positive with the things you learn and can do. I see you as someone stuck out in the middle of a flowy grain field with “curvy water branches”? if that makes any sense to you? I hope you find what you’re looking for.

      Blessings, Aldora

  54. Matthew says:

    Hello Aldora!!! I am 13 years of age and I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. My first question is, are there different types of magick, such as black magick and white magick, or is magick, well simply just magick. And my next question is, who exactly are these Gods and Goddesses that you all speak of? I am a Christian and I plan to stay with my religion but I was just curious about who these Gods and Goddesses are. My next question is about the types of witches you list in the article. So in the article you list the different types of witches, are the types of witches that you list in the article the only ones or are there many more types, such as a white witch or a black witch? My next question is about a spell that I cast. A few months ago I cast a spell that required no ingredients but just myself. It was a spell to banish an evil spirit. I was at my grandmothers house when I cast this spell, mainly due to my belief that her house contains spirits that may be evil. Anyways, after I cast the spell, I immediately felt very dizzy afterwards, it almost fell down I was so dizzy. But it didnt seem like a normal case of dizziness but just felt, how do I say, different. I just couldn’t explain it. It was the first the spell I had ever cast, and I was just wondering was this am after effect of the spell, possibly showing that it worked, or did my spell not work and possibly jut didnt work and per say, “backfired” on me. My next question is about me as a witch myself. I have been interested in witchcraft for three years now, but have never been able to cast a spell due to the fact that I don’t want my parents knowing my interest in magick and so I can never really cast any spells or perform any rituals. What should I do about this situation??? And finally for my last question. I have a friend who summons demons and casts curses on people who do bad unto her. I was wondering is this something that shouldn’t be done and is it something that I should tell her to stop, or is it something that is understandable and all right to do? Well that’s all my questions!!! I’m really sorry for bombarding you with all of theses questions but I have constantly surfed the net and have found no one to talk to or any websites that give me specific information so I thought that it would be interesting to ask my questions to a real live in the flesh witch!!! So anyways, yeah… I guess that’s it!!! I really hope that you can answer my questions!! It would mean so much!!! Thanks!!!!
    Blessings, Matthew

    • Aldora says:

      HI Matthew,

      Take your time with any type of Wicca/Witchcraft, that’s the best advice I can give you! You need to grow into it, you shouldn’t just start casting spells and trying to perform magic right away. Those things take years of understanding before they are performed. My suggestion to everyone is always wait until you are on your own before you adapt the lifestyle of a witch, by then you have read enough and gained great knowledge and are ready for it. Also it’s best on those you live with so you can start the craft with a positive outlook on your life when you wait till your on your own – instead of others around you clouding your judgement and shining a negative light on your practices by starting now.

      There are many other types of witches, I’ve only touched on a few. Personally I stay away from any negativity including one’s like your friend who summons demons and performs curses on people. In my opinion it’s a bad thing to do. I don’t care how “bad” the people are she is doing it to. Nothing good will ever come of it. All she is doing is attracting negativity to herself and she will always remain in that vicious circle by doing so. Whatever you cast out comes back on you threefold. If you negatively cast out a curse on someone – you will get it back in triplicate. This is why she can’t get out of that rut…you have to forgive and forget and move on. Keep people like that at a distance.

      As for your spell you may have just concentrated so intensely that you became light headed. (I really hope you wait for years to come before casting any more spells they really should only be done by wiccan elders…) There is lots of reading out there on Gods & Goddesses, just as you may believe in Jesus – any wiccan or witch may believe in any other god/goddess just as strongly. We call upon one or another to perform magic when we need the different strengths and power of each individual one to aid in our spell.

      I hope that answers some of your questions, most of all take your time and get to be you first and foremost before becoming anything else. Blessings, Aldora :)

  55. Joseph Lopez says:

    Hello Aldora!! I’m 15 and looking into becoming a “Green Witch” but I have no clue where to start. Do you have any recommendations on books or such? Anything would be helpful at this point. Blessed Be and Thank You.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Joseph, Usually when you find yourself fitting into a category of types of witchcraft – it’s because you have a knack and interest in that area which you find yourself already suited to, and not the other way around. Starting out just wanting to be a “green witch” is very different. It may be a harder fit or you may find that is not a category best suited for you. But nevertheless if you want to become a Green Witch – you must first and foremost love nature and it’s components. Herbalism is your best start. Healing and cleansing with herbs and learning how to identify them, harvest them and make healing concoctions from them is where you should start. There is so much information out there and on this site as well under “herbalism”.

      Good luck with your journey,

  56. Matthew says:

    Hi Aldora!!! It’s me again!!! I just wanted to thank you so much for answering my questions! They really helped a lot and it definently inspired me in my journey! So yeah I just wanted to thank you!!!

  57. Cheryl says:

    Hi Aldora.. I have been searching for this type of website for many years. I am very glad I found your site. I have bookmarked and plan on be a regular visitor.

  58. dalton says:

    Hi I am an up and comming well warlock if thats the correct terminology I have always been facinated witj wiccan culture and practices and would like to start practiving it but as a male where do I fit in and where can I go to get the essentials I am looking for grimware, herbs, gemstones, staff/wand, and other essential elements please respond and help me to understand where ill fit in as a male and how too continue my journey thank you very much :)

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Dalton, same rules apply to both females and males in the wiccan cultures but males are sometimes referred to as Warlocks. Read all that interests you and don’t be quick to fit into anything – that takes years of research. Good luck with your journey, Aldora

  59. Alex says:

    Ever since I was 9 I was able to cast spells without trying. Now I’m eleven, and it’s getting stronger. I can make things move without touching them, I can see people that I knew that are dead now. I have been confirmed NOT schistoferensic. So I know these things are real. How do i deal with this? And am I a shamon?

    • Aldora says:

      Alex, that would be called Psychokinesis. There is no conclusive evidence that psychokinesis is a real phenomenon. So I think if you could do that you just may be the most famous person in the world. Good luck with your journey, Aldora ;)

  60. Curious Kitchen Wiccan says:

    Hi Aldora,

    I’m a kitchen Wiccan. My best friend is Alex, the one who also left a comment on your site. She told me you could help with my situation. I just told my parents I’m a Wiccan. My dad was fine and totally excepting, but my mom threw a fit because she’s Jewish and apparently my religion comes from genetics. Right now she has locked me in my room to hopefully nock some sense into me.

    Please help me,
    From Curious kitchen Wiccan

    • Aldora says:

      Dear CKW – the only advice I can ever give the younger generation, is to please wait until you are out in the world on your own before you make any such statements to your parents or caregivers. It just makes it harder on everyone. Let it pass and wait until you are solely responsible for yourself. Good luck, Aldora

  61. Emma says:

    Hi Aldora,

    Sorry to bring your attention back here after a month of quiet! Also I’m sure you’re probably tired of people asking you to tell them what they are, however, I am at a total loss and after finding this great article and reading the comments, you seemed like someone who could help me.

    I have been studying Paganism and everything that falls under the umbrella for… nearly 4 years now. I must have read, re-read and re-re-read about the majority of paths, gods and goddesses and everything in between (apart from fairies – never really pulled me in).

    My problem is everytime I thought I’d found my path, I was turned away from it and sent in a different direction. Nothing ever stuck.

    There are some things I love that I’ve found along the way and among them, the name “Witch” really settles me if that makes sense. It sits well. Problem is I have such a variety of things I love that I just can’t find home… and I struggle with not having a label. How bad is that?!

    Do you have any advice? I know I still have so much more to learn. It’s only been 4 years and things will probably change over the years.

    Can’t wait to hear back from you! I’m going to scour the rest of your site now (: BB x

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Emma, it’s good that you haven’t quite found that fit yet. It means you’re still growing and learning. Just go with it and experience it all. This is the only way to become a very powerful resource to yourself in the future. You will soon find yourself a much wiser and more experienced “witch” you ever thought you could be. I did the same thing your describing for over 20 years and if I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a great experience. Just open your mind and let it all flow in. You are doing nothing wrong. Keep it positive ;) Blessings, Aldora

  62. Raven says:

    Hi Aldora,
    Ive been interested in The Craft since about 11 years old. I’m now 20 years old. I am a Christian, believe in God and Jesus. Im not sure why im so drawn to this particular subject? Around the age of 16 I began practicing things, such as meditation and casting circles , some spells etc. I had gone through some terrible things around the age and completely stopped. As of yesterday, I just felt a irresistible urge to continue learning and researching the topic. I don’t know what kind of witch I am…but im so interested in this. Anyway…I have two questions…

    1. Where should I start? In general, I’ve read countless books, forums, sites…etc.
    2.I have a 1 year old child. Is it okay for him to grow up and know that I practice these things? or should this be something that I keep to myself?
    Thanks in advance. :)

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Raven, first off – just be yourself around your child. It’s important to show your child you’re not afraid or ashamed to be whatever you want to be in life. It will give them the confidence to do the same with whatever they should choose to do in life. Wiccan’s ways of life are very positive and knowledgeable in many ways. I wouldn’t do any casting\spell work around them, but most other things are perfectly fine. Where should you start? I believe you have already started and that’s always something a Wiccan never realizes. You’ve probably been doing it for quite some time. Just add what feels comfortable to get into and what interests you so you don’t become overwhelmed with it. It should come easy and feel good. Have fun with the journey, Blessings – Aldora

  63. Gwendylan says:

    Hi, I’m gwen and was wondering I want to let go of my christian past and beliefs but it is hard to since I grew up with them. How would I do that? And all my life I’ve had this dream of me running away from someone or something in a feild at night and into a forest..always different things, but always the same surrounding, its starting to scare me. What could it mean? Is it possible its a vision (?) Of some sort. (I believe in tarot,visions,auras,herbalism).

    • Aldora says:

      You don’t have to give up any of that Gwen – there are many Christian Wiccans. My great uncle who is a Wiccan elder is one. You can live quite in harmony with one another. It sounds like the dream most Wiccans have about dancing into the forest. Its just a spiritual connection you are feeling with nature, it’s a calling. Time to study nature and do more self discovery. Good luck with your journey, Aldora

  64. Hailey says:

    Hi Aldora,
    I am thirteen and recent wiccan. Even though my mother supports my path, it is nice to know that I’m not alone. Thank you for your wisdom. I would be lost with out your help. :)

    • Aldora says:

      You’re lucky you have support Hailey. Take your time and just be “you”, there is no hurry with Wicca – the greatest wisdom comes with time! Blessings, Aldora :)

  65. Jess says:

    Hi, thank you so much for writing all of this up. I’m a 21 year old girl and i’ve come to realize i’m very much atheist. However, I really do want to have some sort of spirituality in my life, and one that most likely pertains to the Earth. I’m very much for animal rights and improving our environment and practicing sustainability. My roommate is actually a witch, and so she got me curious in Wicca. Where would be a good place, in your opinion, to start considering I don’t think I’ll ever believe in a god (unless there was scientific evidence for it)?

    • Aldora says:

      You don’t have to follow or believe in any gods/goddesses to be Wiccan. That’s the beauty of it. Sounds like you would be a good fit for a Green/Hedge Witch. Just do what comes naturally to you. Good luck with your journey – Aldora

  66. Raini says:

    Hi Aldora! I have been fascinated about anything fantasy and I believe in witches, wiccans, pagan, stuff like that. I am just starting this so I could use some help when i feel like i have no idea on what to do. I am not asking what i would best fit in because i already found out a while ago but I will need some help on studying it. So if you can, please help when I ask, thank you.

  67. Alex says:

    I am in Montreal and looking for a Wicca store, got any suggestions. By the way, do you know anything about a store named Charme & Sortilège.

  68. Hunter says:

    I am13 years old. Both of my parents are christian along with my WHOLE FAMILY! They are strong Christians might I tell you! I am afraid to let anyone see what I do, I practice some witchcraft, due to my parents being able to snoop and find out. HELP! I also would like some assistance to what kind of witch I may be. I love to work with nature(stones, gems, rocks, trees, especially rivers and herbs,ect.) but I also love people and love to cook. I have been accepting myself as a Green Witch. What do you think?

    • Aldora says:

      Hunter, it’s not easy to hear but you must keep it under your hat (so to speak) as you are right – some of your family will not understand. There are some things that we just have to wait for, and telling what you are at this age is one of them. You will grow and change and so will your talents and personality. You may become many different types of witches, please don’t hurry into it – it is a journey, an experience. Take your time and good luck, Aldora.

  69. Lydia says:

    So my 2 friends and I are only 12-13 and we are experiencing weird things and I am learning about past lives and spirits and stuff and I was wondering if you believe in that stuff because I looked at your website and a lot of the kind of things we are experiencing fits. All of us have been in many past lives together like Atlantis, Pompeii and so on because the other 2 girls have got high physic ability and I haven’t figured myself out yet but they seed they all felt a jolt when they met met each other and yea…
    So both of them all feel pulls during the lunar phases and have both seen spirits or ghosts. It’s all really complicated but I just want to ask two things a) one of the girls cannot sleep at all on a full moon and especially on the recent red moon and I’m wondering if there is any thing that can help her or any theories about that?
    b) can your past lives impact on this life? Because I’m really scared of drowning but I love the ocean and one of the visions my friends have had was in Atlantis and we definitly know that we were all there together. (I know that you might not beieve In all of this but i was just wondering

    • Aldora says:

      At your ages, just relax and have fun and don’t forget to be yourselves. You’ll have plenty of time to practice Wicca along the way. Don’t take things seriously at this point in your lives – it’s very important to not to get deeply involved in the craft when you’re this young. Trust me, I am speaking from experience. Good luck on your journey’s, Aldora

  70. Asheley says:

    I have always had an interest in magic, in particular Wicca…. When I was twelve my step-mom, who I didn’t realize was a satanic witch, noticed that I have magic capabilities. I started out using candles but because I am a sensitive to the spirits around me and was not told how to protect myself while working with the candles, I am nervous about embracing my heritage as a witch. However, recent things have been happening in my house that have me concerned. My daughter and I have been surrounded by entities for three years now and I am unfortunately having to look for away to protect us. How do I go about protecting my family and openly embracing my heritage?

    • Asheley says:

      I do apologize. Let me correct myself. She uses magic for dark purposes.

    • Aldora says:

      You have to figure out why the entities are there, we’re talking negative ones right? I’m going to be honest, but don’t take offence. Entities are attracted to negativity. Weak, sickly people – or alcoholics, drug users, etc they prey on people that lack self confidence. It could also be someone that came into your life 3 years ago, or even a possession or gift that was given to you that has negative entities in it. If it’s an object, clean it with soap and put it in the sunlight for days to cleanse it. These are the only ways I know that entities get attached to people. Good luck finding it, Aldora.

      • Asheley says:

        Yes I am talking about negative entities… Its a gift. Both negative and good entities are drawn to both myself and my daughter and she doesn’t know how to ignore them. Instead they freak her out when they talk to her.

  71. Asheley says:

    The only thing I can think of is that I moved in with my mom three years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. She struggles with alcohol abuse and saying that she can be negative is an understatement. Not to mention I struggle with depression and so does my boyfriend who I live with.

  72. Autumn Rain says:

    Hi Aldora,
    I’m very interested in magic and spells as well as animals and have always felt a super-strong connection to nature. My grandmother might be a pagan (she said she was but I’ve never seen her do any spells or even talk about it for that matter). I need help on a few things.
    1. I’m not religious (but I have Jewish heritage) and I don’t really believe in the God or Goddess that you talk about. I kinda feel like animals and nature guide me in what I do. Is this okay?
    2. I go to a catholic school (but they aren’t against anything over there) and my best friend decided that she wanted to become a witch too. I’m not sure that she understands that it isn’t just spells, it’s a lifetime commitment. She is sorta following whatever I do. For example, I’m getting about 16 books off wicca.com as a birthday present to myself (because my birthday is in 8 days!). When I told her she wanted me to give her all the titles and website name. I found that odd considering she never had an interest in it until I brought it up. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t really do it when she was older. Should I just play along and let her do her fake thing, continuing my real studies in private?
    3. Is there a witch that has to do with animals, spells, gems, and nature? I strongly believe that every single animal has a spirit, soul, and story. I know all about animals and learn things from them. I am interested in spells and rituals, I know I want to study the gemstones as I believe that they can enhance magic and do other things.
    4. Sorry that this is such a long post, but I don’t know where else to go and will just put all my questions on this post. Sorry if it is too long.
    Anyway, the list of books I am getting revolve around all sorts of magic, which is what I want to study. Everything listed above were my main interests, but when I start reading these books, maybe I will pick up some new ones! The list of books I am getting are the following:
    “Celtic Magic” by D.J. Conway
    “The Real Witch’s Year” by Kate West
    “The Only Book Of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need” by Marian Singer
    “A Witch’s Grimoire” by Judy Ann Nock
    “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs” by Scott Cunningham
    “Earth, Air, Fire, and Water” by Scott Cunningham
    “Earth Power” by Scott Cunningham
    “Crone’s Book Of Magical Words” by Valerie Worth
    “Wicca: A Year and A Day” by Timothy Roderick
    “Crystals For Beginners” by Corrine Kenner
    “Candle Magic For Beginners” by Richard Webster
    “Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews
    “Practical Guide to the Runes” by Lisa Peschel
    “How To See and Read The Aura” by Ted Andrews
    “Write Your Own Magic” by Richard Webster
    *Plus a blank Grimoire
    Do you think that these books (you can probably tell from the titles) would be good for a beginner like me? I read the descriptions and they seemed fine.
    5. Do you write in a Grimoire? I am going to. I will have 4 books for writing:
    My Grimoire is used to jot down practiced spells, rituals, potions, facts, symbols, and what different items are used for. I will glue in articles or cutouts of use, or even things from nature if it corresponds to the thing that is written on the page. I will decorate it by putting drawings of the things being written about in it. Finished ideas from my Book of Shadows will also go in here. In short, my Grimoire is like my solid book of knowledge.

    Book of Shadows-
    I will be calling this one my Book of Shadows. It will be where I brainstorm ideas for new spells, make lists, jot notes of things I read or see, write down various definitions, and draw some symbols or pictures for reference. It’s basically my magic notebook. My Book of Shadows will also contain questions (I’ll write down the answers next to them when I find the answers).

    Book of Rivers-
    In this book, I will put my reflections on spells, potions, and rituals. It will be made up of the results of these, as well as thoughts of how I could make them better. It’s almost like a log book. I know everyone else calls it a Book of Mirrors, but that sounds too creepy to me. I know they call it this because it’s your reflections on your doings, so I picked something I loved that had a reflection! ;)

    This book will have my dreams and thoughts as well as an account of my personal and magical life.
    Is what I am calling them okay?
    6. (Seven is the last question, sorry again for it being so long)
    I don’t want to tell my parents. They aren’t against it or anything, but it would probably seem weird to them. I want to practice, and when they ask me what I am doing then I will just say that I’m practicing witchcraft or magic. Do you think this is okay?
    7. Last Question
    Do I need special materials for some things? And could you list what the materials are and what they are for? I’m talking tools, herbs, wands, clothing, ect. You don’t have to be specific, just general.
    Can I practice without a group? I don’t think I could find one in my area and I don’t think my parents would approve. I also just want to do it on my own.
    Thank you so much for your time and what you do. I may have more questions as I delve deeper into this. Thanks for your time to read my long post. :D Please write back!!!
    Blessed Be!
    -Autumn Rain

    • Aldora says:

      Wow, Autumn Rain that is quite a long list of questions – Some people may not even be aware they follow the path. For some it comes so naturally to feel a connection with the Earth and they possess a natural gift.

      But lets start at #1 – I mainly use Nature as a guide for everything. Part of what I explain on this website is you can pick and choose parts of what you want to believe in – so no you don’t have to believe in Gods or Goddesses.
      #2 Let your friend have her fun and continue with what your doing, she may admire you and look up to you or just want to fit in.
      #3 Sounds like your familiar would be close to a Green Witch. But do realize that the term “witch” will cover all those things you are taking an interest in.
      #4 Beginners should read all and everything they can find – so yes, I’d say read them all. Just don’t take everything literally, you only have to practise what feels right.
      #5 Yes, I have a book of shadows – I’m also writing a Grimoire for the solitary witch and will have copies available for purchase in about a year. Keep writing everything down – it is a great useful tool!
      #6 If you don’t want to tell your parents thats up to you. Only you know how they will react.
      #7 All the things you will need I’ve listed on this website. Check all the tabs and scroll through.

      Good luck with your Journey – most importantly be yourself, Blessings Aldora :)

      • Autumn Rain says:

        Wow! Thanks so much! I just remembered to check the website, and have been reading my books. My friend lost interest, and my parents haven’t said anything. Also, I have a very young sibling who told my grandma that I was a witch! She came into my room when i was over there and asked me about it and I explained that yes, I was reading books on witchcraft. Then she came back to show me a (ritual, spell, not sure the correct term XD)
        She burned some sage and said it was for protection. I am super happy that she is fine with it, and she even took a look at my herb book and said it was good to have! I was starting to fade away from trying to practice because I felt like my family would think I was weird. But after that I am back into it! Also, I don’t believe I put this in my last post (Which was very long, as you probably remember,) but I believe in Spirit Animals/Guides. A question: Do you? I believed in Spirit Animals long before I found Paganism/Wicca. I am kind of bugged at this book series taking flight called “Spirit Animals” because it’s a totally fictional thing that uses the name! A girl at my school came up to me after reading the book and (She isn’t exactly close to me) and started to put me down (in my eyes). She had this view from the books that a spirit animal reflected a personality (which is true, partially) and said her’s was a wolf (WHICH BUGGED ME A TON, BECAUSE I HAVE A WOLF AS A GUIDE! XD) because she was shy, quiet, a tad mysterious, and independent. She has never meditated or done anything spiritual and she doesn’t know what a “real” (again, this is in my eyes, not trying to insult people with other beliefs,) one is. Now I’m not trying to insult her, but these statements were all the exact opposite. She is very very hyper and talks a ton, she is always talking about her life, and she is always trying to wedge between me and my friend in the halls (literally!) and never leaves me alone. What do I do when she annoys me stating all these facts I find untrue? PHEW I’m glad I got that out. Anyways, she insulted me by saying mine was a chipmunk (I love chipmunks, and this part wasn’t the insult) because I talked alot and was always bouncing off the walls. I know it may not sound like it on here, but I am actually pretty quiet and never hyper. BUT I KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN! *People walk away because they think I’m boring* NO GUYS WAIT! I WANT TO BE AN ACTOR WHEN I GROW UP….AND A RUNNER OF AN ANIMAL SANCTUARY…AND AN AUTHOR!
        My life in a nutshell.
        Anyway, thanks a million bazillion for you’re great reply! I really needed those answered. Don’t worry, I didn’t just start pretending. I researched for about a month and as I speak I am about to finish my research on how to start a book of shadows. I altered a little from what I stated before. Now I’m going to keep it in a REALLY nice three ring binder that I found at a store.
        The binder will be my book of shadows, and I’m using composition books for my Book Of Rivers and my Grimoire. Also, now my Book Of Shadows is my solid facts and knowledge, and my GRIMOIRE is my brainstorming book. My journal is in another special book. Thanks you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts and reply honestly! You’re great!
        P.S My parents are okay with it, but as I said, I think that they are a bit “iffy” about it. As long as they don’t say anything, I’m not stating anything!
        THANKS SO MUCH ALDORA! That reply meant alot to me, and If you do reply to this one, this one will mean a bunch too. <3 :D
        Blessed Be!
        ~Autumn Rain

        • Autumn Rain says:

          P.S- I just always forget SOMETHING, don’t I?
          Anyway, I think I am a mix of Eclectic/Green.
          Blessed Be (Again),
          ~Autumn Rain

  73. Czan says:

    Merry meet Aldora!

    I’ve been reading your blog and articles for quite a time now, and I must admit that you’ve been very helpful in guiding me in my spiritual journey. Your blog has been most informative. Formally, I am a Wiccan for a year now (and on Samhain, no less!) even if I’m only a fifteen years old teenager. I had been feeling a bit lost about what kind of witch I am, or should be, but I think your descriptions helped a lot. Right now I’m trying to find out if I’m suitable to be a Kitchen Witch. Thanks a lot!

    Blessed be )O(

  74. Sandy says:

    I’m 16 year old and getting interested in witchcraft. My family is christian but I dont really know what I am. I always believe that there was a god for certain different thing like one of nature and stuff. How can I know if I could be a Wiccan and practice witchcraft? I always had an interest about it thought. With your decription I think I could be a green witch cause I always find peace when I’m around nature and I am a lot interested in gardening. Anyway can you help me define if I could become a Wiccan ? and How I could learn witchcraft?
    Btw I love your blog! :)

    • Sandy says:

      In fact level god and goddess i’m more of a Greek ancient believer !!

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Sandy, that’s something you need to self-explore. It’s your journey and only you can decide what it will be. Keep reading for pleasure and living your life, it takes years of reading and research to learn these things and maybe by then you will know what path in life you will choose. Good luck with your journey, Aldora :)

  75. Julie Tillman says:

    hi. I am a late starter and have been reading all I can, til I confused myself. however reading this page has settled my mind somewhat. I love crystals, for healing, I see nature as my goddess, and love to cleanse myself and my tools in sea water (as I live on the coast) so would you say I am eclectic which, is what seems to me to be at the forefront of my belief or something different? blessed be x

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Julie – you have to categorize yourself, as I don’t know you personally and can’t help you do that. If it seems to be your fit then it must be – glad the website helped! Blessings, Aldora.

  76. JessiLynne says:

    Hello, for a while I have been interested in paganism and witchcraft and such – for about 3 years now. But, I have never known where to start on my path. I am extremely nature loving, and believe in the powers of stones and herbs and such. Yet, I also have a mean streak, where I feel as if people deserve certain things, like harsh karma.
    I’m not sure if I should look into wicca, paganism in general, witchcraft only, or something else.
    Any ideas? Help from anyone is MUCH appreciated.

  77. Charlie says:

    I need help really bad, I am a Wiccan teenager and I have nowhere else to go now. In my family bloodline my Mother has Voodoo heritage but my Father is a Christian which makes things really tough, because I grew about Jesus and since I have Voodoo heritage I am starting to think I may become a Satanic Witch. I researched Black magic, and I am starting to like “the dark arts.” But I don’t want to lose my Christianity either. so please help me.

    • Aldora says:

      No one will help you to become a Satanic Witch – as far as I’m concerned there is no such thing – there is Voodoo yes but don’t get the two mixed up! You are on your own, I don’t even know what makes a person think such things!

  78. Jayne says:

    Umm, actually there is most definitely such thing as a Satanic Witch. I’m not one, I’m actually quite the opposite (Christian witch here)- but they still exist. Witch does not mean Wiccan. Wiccan is a religion. Witch is a practice. Any religion or set of beliefs, including a Satanists, can be mixed with witchcraft to form a personalized practice with the craft. Don’t tell someone their religion does not exist. Religion is based on what you believe- if they believe it, it does exist. I honestly don’t know what makes a person think things such as their religion being the only one that can coincide with the craft.

    • Aldora says:

      Sorry Jayne, you are free to believe whatever you want – It is MY website and this is a fact; Witches do not worship Satan though some thought to are referred as those who practice black magic. Witches or Wiccans, who practice similar strains of Paganism, may follow numerous ancient, Earth-based traditions of worship, but have a few simple beliefs in common: 1) a deep, spiritual respect for nature; 2) worship of a deity (or god) who is equally male and female (priests and priestesses have equal power); and 3) accountability for all your own actions. In other words, being a witch includes believing in environmentalism, equality of the sexes and karma.

      And while witches and Wiccans do not believe in Christian concepts such as “original sin,” most believe in a version of the Wiccan Rede: “An it harm none, do as ye will.” Which simply means: Feel free to to pursue your goals as long as they are not harmful to others. Because you are a Christian based witch – then you believe in Satan – who was created by Christians,…get my point? Anyone can go around calling themselves anything they want – even if it is a Satanic Witch.

      Good luck with your practice,

  79. kaitlyn says:

    im a eclectic witch

  80. Emily says:


    I’m sure I might have found the answer I’m looking for amongst the questions and answers above, but there are quite a few to have to go through so I figure I’ll just ask..
    I’ve been thoroughly studying the Wicca Tradition for some time now and have come to the realization that I actually do not agree with some of their beliefs, nor am I at all religious person in general (I don’t believe in God but I strongly believe in spirits – if that makes any sense at all?). Therefore I don’t feel as if I’d “fit in” to the religion or feel accepted by others or myself as a true Wiccan if I did not follow their most important beliefs such as a divine God/dess to worship. However, I am still very a “different” person (as they say) and possess many abilities, I am extremely spiritual and connected to a lot of things fitting into multiple categories you’ve listed above, along with these I’ve a strong desire to continue learning about and be apart of something of similar sorts.

    I guess my questions to you are;
    1) Am I able to continue being Wiccan while I do not 100% believe in some of the beliefs (such as reincarnation, the Rede, God etc.)
    2) Can I just study just Witchcraft without being a Wiccan?
    If so, I then ask
    3) Would Witchcraft be better for me to do given what I’ve said?
    And finally (although I already have some knowledge on it and if I did end up doing it)
    4) Where would you recommend I begin in studying Witchcraft?

    I apologise about all the questions,
    Thankyou for your time :)
    – Emily

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Emily – I do believe that Witchcraft in general is where you’d likely fit in. You don’t have to believe in Gods/Goddesses to be Wiccan nor do you have to believe in Reincarnation. However, the very important rule about Wicca is the Rede, it’s all about positive and negative energies and what you send out should always be positive as it comes back to you. If you send out negative energy it comes back to harm you x3. Pretty wise words to live by – but if it’s not for you then so be it. Witchcraft and Wicca are 2 totally separate things, so yes, you can be a Witch without being Wiccan. Just keep reading all the info you can about Witchcraft, these things take years to learn. Good luck on your journey. Blessings, Aldora.

  81. Cheiyna says:

    I am searching for some advice, possibly a direction. I am a 23 year old woman born and raised in the catholic faith. I’ve never felt welcome there. I do believe in god, and quite possibly the only thing I’ve taken out of Catholicism was the living as Christ would. I am %100 Romani Gypsy, i’ve always been drawn to witchcraft, earth energies, and anything magic. Growing up, even the thought of magic was something considered a sin. Something you shouldn’t dabble in. I was told to have faith in God. Well, after last year when both of my parents passed away unexpectedly within a 6 month time span, I lost my faith. Or did I? i’m not even sure. All throughout school/college i’ve taken several religion classes. I feel that i’ve been on a search my whole life. I honestly feel that I may be a natural witch. Maybe there was a reason my family would not speak of it….I’ve always had special gifts. Such as…I can tell if someone I love is hurting/in pain/worried etc. even if they are thousands of miles away.
    I can sometimes forsee the future or even make things happen such as concentrating on a person I may miss…they may call within an hour.
    Wishing for it to rain or cool down and it actually happening.
    I do however believe in spirit animals, and I am lucky to have had met mine on his dying day. (the wolf…crazy right?) I’m just wondering if you more senior witches can offer me some advice to getting on the right path. Books, things I should study, just general advice, etc.

    Thank you for reading.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Cheiyna,

      Sounds like you already know your path – for it will truly reveal itself. This is what each Witch/Wiccan goes through, a self discovery. It’s very important that we stumble on this path naturally and are not led into it. It has to come from the heart and along with a strong mind can you find the direction you are meant to take. There is tons of reading you can do on the subject – take from it what you need. Be positive and open up your inner self, smile and enjoy the journey. Blessings – Aldora :)

  82. Aishwarya says:

    Hi Aldora,
    I am 21 years old, I am from India and I want to be a green witch. None of my ancestors were witches and I couldn’t find any of the Indian witchcraft. Could you suggest me how this will work and where to begin?.

    • Aldora says:

      Just like the study to be anything like a doctor or lawyer. You must read, study and practise. Find all the info you can and welcome the ways of a Green Witch into your life. Good luck on your journey. Aldora

  83. Danielle A McFarland says:

    Hi,Aldora.With you being an Eclectic Witch i was wondering are there certain Gods and Goddesses you worship.There are so many,Roman,English,Celtic,Moon Goddesses,Sun Goddesses.How do i know which ones to use?Thank-You for your time,looking forward to hearing from you.Thank-You for your help also….Danielle

    • Aldora says:

      You should follow whoever suits you best at the time…you never have to follow just one. They are all there to support you. For example if I’m doing a powerful spell with herbs and family in mind on a full moon, I would draw the power of Hecate. If I was doing a spell of love magic, or during the sun or half moon I would call on Selene. Each one has special powers to aid you in whatever you need. Research and read about them all – you will be drawn to certain one’s pertaining to their powers and your own attributes. Some may be more of a perfect match for you. It’s actually very interesting to study them and find those ones that suit you best. Good luck, Aldora :)

  84. Grace Cantrell says:

    I have a strong personal bond with animals, as in almost every animal accepts me the moment I meet them, like animals that are mostly aggressive just love to lick or rub themselves against me. I also am very good with plants as well, if you were to categorize me, me being 15 I am quite horrible with choosing my path, what would you categorize me. And also, I tend to have a very vivid memory and by just looking at something I can draw it, and things will pop into my mind at night time that I have never seen before, and it could happen in the next two days, I also have seen some of my never seen ancestors that I told my dad about. When I described one to him he said it was his father, whom I have never met because he died when my father was twelve.
    So, I can dream about ghosts or people of the past and sometimes see them in daylights, I have a extreme bond with any animal I come in contact with((Dogs, Birds, Hedgehogs, Horses, Camels, Donkeys, Cats, the whole sha-bang.)) And I have never killed a plant, or animal. What would you catergorize me as?

    • Aldora says:

      HI Grace, One recommendation I have….never categorize yourself at such a young age. You will change and grow in time. If you limit yourself by putting a label to it now, it may hinder your progress – make sense? I truly didn’t know my path till I hit my 40’s, until then I was all over the map (so to speak) myself. Good luck with your journey, Aldora.

      • Rose Sierra says:

        Aldora, I am 42 and I feel I have a gift (but unsure). I have had a reading from a close friend that practices Yoruba (NOT DARK) and he said I was the daughter of Oya and after reading and doing some research I feel there might be some truth to some of it but I am still unsure. Please, I would like some advice and maybe even some guidance. I have this power (all of us have power) that I would like to learn how to use but I don’t know what or how to yet.

        • Aldora says:

          Hi Rose, read and research – do what feels right. The only way we can move forward is to learn all we can until we are comfortable with who we are. With education brings confidence, and with that we can follow our paths. Good luck with your journey, Aldora.

  85. Layne A. Hood says:

    Hello. Um! I’m 15 years old and very interested in Paganism/Witchcraft as a whole, and think it might be right for me. Thing is, I just don’t know much about it! I’m especially interested in being a Green Witch (despite how little I know about it…) as I have always felt that connection with Earth, even though that kinda sounds weird. I was wondering if you had any helpful links or book titles that might help nudge me in the right direction so I could start really researching/practicing it? Also, I’m a female-to-make transgender, I feel I should mention. Is there any rule or something against transgenders in the community or practice itself or something?? Just really thought I ought to know if there is.
    Thanks, Layne

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Layne – your questions are like several already listed in the comments above – please read through and you will find all your answers there. It is in no way weird at all that you feel a connection to the earth – it’s actually one of the most “normal” connections any living being could have. Good luck with your journey, Aldora.

  86. Courtney beard says:

    I don’t have anyone who I know that practices witch craft as I do. I need some guidance and don’t know where to find a more experienced witch.

  87. k. says:

    Hi. For some time now I’ve felt a sort of difference. I believed something was wrong with me. Aside from a traumatic childhood I distanced myself away. Where the change set in was I fell in love and had a child. I felt the man I loved didn’t love me as I him. So I tried something. I made up a rhyme and repeated it several times. I pricked my finger and write his name and I felt I…cussed…him to love me. Well, present day he tells me he has a obsessive possessive feeling for me. And that if I left him he would harm me. How do I reverse what I’ve done? Please email me and I’ll go into depth of why I feel I am “different”.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Lil – I offer wise woman counselling on my site. I get hundreds of emails a month all in which people want guidance and it’s just not possible unless you become a client. Hope you understand – thanks, Aldora.

  88. Aisha says:

    hi um i am just getting into this and want to know is it a choice to because a wicca or do you have to be born with it? i am really interested with the hedge witch and would like some help.

    • Aldora says:

      Aisha – you can be whoever you want to be with enough training and education…research all the info you can about hedge witch. Good luck, Aldora

  89. Brooke says:

    Hi, i am 12 yrs old and my mum and dad know about me being Wiccan. I was just wondering how to move further along the wiccan path, i do not know anyone else that believes in witchcraft and Wicca. I have an altar and a grimoire and i am green witch. How do i casually ask someone if they are Wiccan???
    Blessed Be

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Brooke – unless you are raised in a family of Wiccans or have an elder wiccan within your circle of friends it will be quite hard for you to do anything further at this age. You may have to just read and research for years until you are in later teens or possibly on your own. I’m not being biased about your age – it’s just a very sensitive time for you right now. If wicca is the path you were meant to follow – then trust me, it will happen. As for coming out and asking people if they are Wiccan…unless they divulge it to you then simply don’t come out and ask. If the path is a Green Witch that you choose then study herbology as much as you can. It takes 4-5 years to really become good at herbal medicine and all the techniques that go with it. Good luck on your journey, Aldora.

  90. Brooke says:

    Thank you i will keep practicing
    Blessed be

  91. Anahy says:

    Do all witches have to start out with powers,or if you work hard enough can you gain them.I’m 13,just starting out and need some help.I really don’t know the path I want to go in,and with no witches in my family or friends I’m having trouble.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Anahy, find all the reading material that you can. You have many years to go before you need to get serious about anything. You don’t have to start out with any powers – just a natural inclination is all you need to start ;) Good luck, Aldora.

  92. Melissa says:

    I’m eighteen and I’ve had an interest in witchcraft for a long time. I’ve always felt closer to Nature and the witches and around me, which is a few, due to the large witchcraft community around me where I live. I also own a business. We make candles and we just started doing custom tapers for the witches around us with custom colors, essential oils, and herbs. I wanna start practising, but I don’t know how to ask the other business owners about starting without sounding ignorant and offensive. How do I even start?
    Blessings, Melissa.

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Melissa, sounds like you will have a great support system where you are and that is lucky for you! You may want to read as much as you can so you have an abundant knowledge of the craft – plus doing so will help guide you in the direction you want to go and how far you want to go with it. I like everyone to gain some independence with the craft before they are “tutored” or guided in different ways. No one should be offended if you ask for guidance with your interests. Good luck, Aldora.

  93. caroline says:

    For me, i touched most of these when i was a teenager, to finally realised a am a ecletic witch.
    I love many things.I fill my needs and my belives with what i can associated to myself.
    I have a little of all, but everythings form my path.

    Blessed be )O(

  94. alyssa says:

    im 16, im a teen wiccan, i think i lean more towards eclectic. i have a teacher she calls herself a ground angel, she isnt wiccan. ive read things where people arent certain what they are, but i somehow know almost exactly what i am, and with some wise words from experts i have almost figured it out. im wiccan, i believe in a mother earth, but my family is christian so i adopted what i call “father heaven” i also call them spirit or universe ect. to me they are all the same just in different forms. i can naturally know and understand someones aura, but i cant see it. i can heal people, sometimes without knowing, last year i was in a dark place and somehow conjured up evil, i made a portal (this was before i knew any thing like this) now i know better, and i want to help anyway i can, i want to heal people and give them guidance, i know im a healer, i can read auras, im not sure if im a medium or not, and from the experts i am very connected to spirit, i have developed these at a young age since i have always been like this since i could remember. i still need practice, i dont know everything and i cant do everything yet. i have this shrine of sorts. its to my spirit/mother earth/god/ect. i also have a book of shadows, i understand the rules of wicca as well. but even so i need practice. i was wondering if you could give me pointers on how to better perfect the gifts im given, also do you know any offerings i could give? i wanted to do something meaningful but also something the universe will like, im just not sure where to start looking. any advice on anything is appreciated. thank you and blessed be

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Alyssa, you are very lucky to have a teacher. I get this question a hundred times a week and am not able to guide anyone that I’m not personally connected to. You are on the right path – it just takes years and years of practise! Keep up the incredible journey, Aldora :)

  95. Sara says:

    What did you use when you started out. Books, websites, etc. I’m 15 and very interested in this. :)

    • Aldora says:

      When I was 13 I started out with books – very little was available to me and there was no internet. There is so many resources out there for beginners – use it all but browse wisely. Good luck, Aldora

  96. Lynne says:

    I knew I was different when I was 5 years old, I just didn’t understand how or why. Recently I made the admission that I am a witch and have been studying and writing. Until reading all the different kinds of witches in this article I thought there was only one kind. I have a powerful feeling in me to heal and have started looking for help in all the areas I need to study. It was nice to find out this morning that I am an eclectic witch. It fits who I am and how I feel. I am so happy. I have a path to follow. Thanks to all the good articles and great comments from people. Blessed Be! Lyne

  97. Teresa says:

    Is there such thing as a warrior witch? My mother is a shaman and says that I will probably be a warrior witch. I asked my energy fortune teller thing and it said yes also. I’m thirteen and pretty intune with somethings but want to understand what my path may be? Please help!? Thanks

    • Aldora says:

      HI Teresa, I have never heard of a warrior witch, sounds like a movie fable. It almost shines a negative light on being a witch if you put warrior with it. I’m not trying to be negative about it, but it doesn’t sound like a positive choice to me? Your path will be your own – no one can tell you what you will be, that is for you to decide. Just read what interests you – it may take several more decades until you find yourself. Just don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Blessings, Aldora.

  98. John says:

    Hi, do you have any advice for a new seeker to the craft. I’m just starting out in the craft and find a lot of the books available to be too ‘fluffy’ and aimed at young teens. (I’m 29, and obviously male, lol).

  99. Hillary says:

    Hi, Aldora! I just wanted to say thank you for creating this website. I was interested in Wicca as a teenager and began practicing officially a half a year ago. I knew pretty quickly I was destined to be a Kitchen Witch, as I love to cook and create home made remedies for those in need. This website has been a phenomenal amount of help. I plan on teaching my daughter the way of the kitchen witch (obviously if she decides that witchcraft is not her path in life, that’s perfectly okay with me), and the fact that she loves the outdoors and helping me cook tells me this child has a great journey ahead of her. I have a couple questions if you don’t mind – my husband is allergic to cats, but is a huge dog lover. Can black dogs also be used as familiars? Also, do you know of any other websites with witchy comfort food recipes? I have already used your pork meatball recipe and it was a huge hit. :) Thank you again for putting all these resources together! It has made this witch’s life a whole lot easier!

    Blessed be

    • Aldora says:

      Hi Hillary, thank you so much for the compliments – they are greatly appreciated! Many people have pets that they feel intuitively linked to whether they are cats, dogs or birds ect…A cat or dog familiar will be very protective and if someone enters the home of the witch that they feel shouldn’t be there. So a dog (doesn’t have to be black) would be just fine. You have to be really choosy when picking a familiar, a dog can help to enhance the witch’s power, they are healers and guardians who can warn the witch of danger, or in the extreme defend the witch. When a witch connects with their familiar, the familiar brings strength, love, kindness, understanding and beauty into the witch’s life and is an utterly loyal companion. Familiars are given psychic protection by their witches, they are sensitive to psychic vibrations and power, and they also visibly react in the presence of any evil or negative energy. The animal helps the witch to be more in tune with nature, the psychic senses of animals is stronger than that of humans, thus enhancing the witch’s abilities.

      Pinterest has some neat compilations of Witchy recipes https://www.pinterest.com/dreamwvr200011/kitchen-witch-recipes/

      I don’t follow online recipe pages as mine are all my own family recipes. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job on the path you chose – good luck on your journey and blessings, Aldora :)

  100. Lady Hex says:

    For someone whose so aganst Satanist you seem to know so little. Perhaps you should educate yourself. I am not a Satanist nor do I worship Satan, either literally or symbolically. I am an open mindwd witch ho believes that if we’re going to fight bigotry we must lead by example, otherwise we’re no better than the people we call out. There are many types of Satanist, Satanic Witches being one of them. Most do not worship a devil either and many are athiest. Satanist do not believe in harming animals or children. They also don’t go around and curse people all day either. Perhqps you should open your mind before you open your mouth. Do some research for the sake of witches and Satqnist both. You look like a bigoted Christion.

    • Aldora says:

      For someone that’s pointing fingers Miss Hex – about sounding like a bigoted Christian (yes that’s how it’s spelled) you sure are a piece of work, I believe they call an email like yours – trolling. This is my website – I’m not a Christian and I don’t like people associating the Devil with Witchcraft. That’s my point, go make your own website with your own Satan followers. People have to stop confusing witchcraft for Satanism. Often it’s misguided people that believe practising any witchcraft is the devils work. This is the misconception I want people to realize just isn’t true. You should educate yourself or at least learn to use Wikipedia, Satanism includes a symbolic association with or admiration for Satan, whom Satanists see as an inspiring and liberating figure – also known as Devil worship. No where in the meaning of Satanism do you find it associated with Witchcraft. The only thing that they took from Wiccans and Witchcraft is the Pentagram and they turned it upside down. There are many types of Satanism – which I didn’t get into because this site is not for Satan followers – so kindly lurk elsewhere. If you stay positive enough and stop inflicting so much negativity, there might be hope for you. Good luck, Aldora :)

  101. Michael styles says:

    I’m a magic user that just uses raw energy alone , no props. What will I be classified as?

    • Aldora says:

      I will be updating this page with some other choices as there are so many coming to light these days. Basically objects are used in rituals to help one focus their energy for a specific intent, as representations of specific energies desired to be incorporated in a ritual or to assist a practitioner in making a connection to a certain type of spiritual energy or Divine Spirit during a ceremony. If you don’t need any of these things you are just one step ahead of most. If you pick and choose from certain types but follow no certain one, then I could best describe you as an Eclectic Witch. Good luck with your journey, Aldora.

  102. Michael styles says:

    Yes I do fit the description of eclectic best. Thanks. Magic always came naturally to me that way.

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